NFC West – 2018 Over Unders

Greg Armstrong with his final installment of his over under series…

We end my over unders with the NFC West. There’s one clear cut favorite in the Rams and two very intriguing teams in the 49ers and Seahawks that could end up making noise if things break right.

Arizona Cardinals: O/U 5.5 Wins

The Cardinals are going to be very bad this season. Their defense is fine. I have more faith in their defense being able to hold opponents more than I have faith in their offense trying to score points. The Cardinals offensive line is a revolving door. Whoever is back there, whether it’s Sam Bradford or Josh Rosen when Bradford inevitably gets hurt, is going to be running for their lives.

The worst part is that I still like Larry Fitzgerald in his 100th year in the league. I like David Johnson even coming off the injury. And I’d like to see Rosen get his rookie mistakes out in his actual rookie season. But, and the same can be said for the Buffalo Bills, is it really worth it to throw your franchise guy out there behind that bad of an offensive line. I can’t see them going better than 5-11 at the absolutely best.

Under 5.5 Wins

Los Angeles Rams: O/U 10 Wins

You want to talk about a team that’s taking advantage of having the quarterback under the rookie deal, well here they are. The Rams reloaded this season getting Brandin Cooks, Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters, Ndamukong Suh and Todd Gurley got the extension he wanted. In a loaded NFC, they’re looking like the front runners.

It happens every year with these teams that reload where we find it difficult to pick games they’ll lose. Fluky things happen and they’ll lose some weird game in October but the losses will be few and far between. I get the 10 wins because it’s the first year of all these new pieces. It’s tough to think they won’t win more than 10. Take the over.

Over 10 Wins

San Francisco 49ers: O/U 8.5 Wins

I’m not ready to anoint the 49ers as a playoff team this year. The NFC is loaded and while I’m a huge Jimmy G guy I want to see it for more than just five games. It’s not like he lit the world on fire either when he started those five games.

They still have holes in the secondary and at linebacker. Jerick McKinnon is already done for the season. Matt Breida and Alfred Morris are the backs. I just see it difficult getting to nine wins in the NFC for a team constructed like them. I’m willing to eat my words if Jimmy G lights up; the more good quarterback play the better.

They start out with a tough six game stretch: at Minnesota, vs. Detroit, at Kansas City, at LA Chargers, home for the Cardinals and at Green Bay. I like them at 8-8 this year.

Under 8.5 Wins

Seattle Seahawks: O/U 8 Wins

RIP to the Legion of Boom era. The only remaining member is Earl Thomas and his bags have been packed for months. If you asked a casual NFL to name five Seahawks players outside of Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas, the odds are they probably wouldn’t be able to.

Yet somehow, with this group of guys, it’s got that Wilson rookie year feel. Not to the same extent but it’s a team with a bunch of weird pieces that nobody believes will be any good. Pete Carroll’s rah rah talks soured with the older guys but with almost an entirely new group, I think it’ll resonate with the guys.

Russell Wilson is going to have to be superman for this team to do well. That’s not a shocker but it’s going to have to be Russell Westbrook first year post KD type numbers. I sneaky like this team with that back against the wall mentality to grind out games and win ugly, even with the top level talent in the NFC. I’m going to take the over.

Over 8 Wins