NFL Draft 2018: How the Top-Five Should (and Will) Play Out

Daniel Mosher on what he would do with the first five picks of the NFL Draft, along with thoughts on how draft night will actually develop.

Daniel Mosher with a few quick hitters on how each of the teams in the Top 5 of the NFL Draft should handle their picks; and how they actually will.

Friends, we escaped through the smokescreens, traversed the media hype and swam through a sea of mock drafts; but we finally made it.

It’s Draft Day…. Eve.

So, with just ONE MORE DAMN DAY, here are my loose, quick-hitting thoughts on how the Top 5 teams should handle their picks (if they listened to me); along with what actually will happen (because John Dorsey hasn’t returned my calls).

1. Cleveland Browns:

The Browns, picking at one and four, are in a unique situation that allows them to be a bit calculated, which is exactly why: they should draft RB Saquon Barkley #1 overall.

Now hold on a bit.. before you yell: as a Jets fan, I was thrilled that the team moved up to #3 because I am supremely confident in the draft’s Top QB’s — Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold — to me, there is very little separation between the three. If Cleveland feels the same way, drafting Barkley ensures that whichever quarterback is available at four will have the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson in his backfield.

Now, while I wouldn’t classify that as unreasonable; it is a bit unlikely. So, instead: the Browns will select QB Sam Darnold at the #1 spot.

2. New York Giants

This one, to me, is a no brainer. The Giants should draft their next franchise QB with the 2nd overall pick. Eli Manning is a shell of the average QB he’s been his entire career, the Giants need to take advantage of their positioning in this stacked QB class.

However, all signs point to the new Giants GM Dave Gettleman riding with Manning for the near future. If you’re looking to get by with Eli, there’s only one player who can take pressure off of and clear up throwing lanes for him. That’s why the Giants will select Barkley at Pick 2. 

And who know’s maybe this guy will be good…

…lol nah…

3. New York Jets

The Jets should select either Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield.

The Jets will select either Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield.

It’s. Really. That. Simple.

4. Cleveland Browns

As stated earlier, this is where the Browns should draft the best remaining QB on the board after taking Barkley.

The Browns may entertain a trade back with someone looking to get ahead of the Denver fire sale at #5 but in all likelihood, the Browns will take one of the best position players available, DE Bradley Chubb.

5. Denver Broncos

The Broncos can really go in a number of different directions with this pick. Despite the massive holes that need to be fixed on the O-Line and Secondary, Denver should take QB Baker Mayfield, if he’s available. 

I believe Mayfield has been Denver’s target since the beginning, he’s a rich man’s version of Case Keenum — whose Cinderella luck has to be nearing 4AM at this point. Mayfield would likely outplay Keenum in camp, resulting in a #QBControversy that is sure to fill hours of NFL Network coverage.

The Broncos, though have been open about auctioning off their first round choice and will trade the pick to a QB needy team coming up for Josh Allen.

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