Why Putting Money On The New York Jets To Win The Super Bowl Isn’t Insane

There are probably some die-hard Jets fans that are positive their team is going to win the Super Bowl next season. It doesn’t matter to them that the Jets haven’t made the playoffs since 2010. They could care less that the team finished 5-11 the last two years. It doesn’t bother them that even the Cleveland Browns have better odds to win than they do.

It sounds crazy, but it’s true. According to Betway.com, as of March 20, the odds on the Browns are 100/1. For the Jets, they are 150/1. You know it’s bad when the Cleveland Browns have better odds to win the Super Bowl even though they went 0-16 last season.

But these fans believe their team can do it anyway. Why? They’re die-hards; that’s what die-hards do. However, as crazy as it sounds, it isn’t a terrible idea to go ahead and put a little money on them.

Why you shouldn’t bet on them

The odds are long for a reason; because the road to the Super Bowl would be an incredibly long and treacherous one starting with their division. The New England Patriots have won the AFC East every season but two since 2001 (and in the last seven conference championship games).

Barring an injury to Tom Brady and some incredibly bad choices by Bill Belichick, it is hard to see that happening.

If the Jets were good in some areas of the game last season and just needed a couple of players—maybe they could make a run. But they were not particularly good at anything. The offense ranked 28th in total yards per game last season (305.3) and 24th in points/game (18.6).

The other side of the ball wasn’t any better. They allowed 352.3 yards/game (25th) and 23.9 points/game (23rd).

They’ve made some decent acquisitions on defense, signed Teddy Bridgewater, and have the No. 3 pick in the draft this year thanks to a trade with the Indianapolis Colts. Assuming they use it right, they could very well be one of the more improved teams in the NFL next season. But a Super Bowl contender?

Why you should bet on them

The question many will have while contemplating the thought of betting on the Jets to win the Super Bowl is a simple one. Why? Why on Earth should they believe that a team as bad as the Jets were last year can turn it around?
Easy—because it has happened before:

• 1999 St Louis Rams: The ’98 Rams finished 4-12 and were pretty bad on both sides of the ball (24th on offense and defense). There was no reason to think they would get better anytime soon, either. But then they went 13-3 during the 1999 season and won the Super Bowl.
• 2001 New England Patriots: The ’00 Patriots finished the season 5-11 and looked far from becoming a playoff contender. The defense was okay (12th), but the offense needed some work (22nd). But then they went 11-5 and won the Super Bowl in 2001.
• 2009 New Orleans Saints: The Saints had the best offense in the NFL in 2008 and one of the worst defenses (23rd)—as usual — and finished the season 5-11. After making no significant changes heading into 2009, they went 13-3 and won the Super Bowl.

None of the three underwent significant roster overhauls before their Super Bowl seasons. The Rams did add running back Marshall Faulk in the offseason. While he had been pretty good with the Colts and was coming off his first season with 2,000 yards from scrimmage, his star had not yet begun to rise. But then they got lucky when Trent Green went down and his backup, Kurt Warner, ended up being pretty good.

The 2001 season was when the legend of Tom Brady began. But the Saints didn’t really do anything different. However, they were able to turn it around and win the Super Bowl in ‘09.

If a 5-11 Saints team can complete the turnaround in one season, why not a 5-11 Jets team? The obvious answer to that would be the lack of a superstar quarterback (like Drew Brees).

But maybe they’ll get as lucky as the Patriots and Rams did. Maybe Josh McCown goes down with an injury forcing the Jets to play Teddy Bridgewater or whoever they draft. Maybe whoever it is, blows up and leads the team to the Super Bowl. It wouldn’t hurt if their new running back, Isaiah Crowell, could explode like Marshall Faulk did for the Rams back in ’99.

If the stars can align just right, maybe – just maybe — the Browns could win the Super Bowl. They’ve aligned for other teams. Why not Cleveland?