This Week On #JetsTwitter – March 31st Edition

Greg Armstrong with a recap of all the top topics of conversation this week on #JetsTwitter…

This was inspired by the send off question from this weeks TOJ podcast with Connor Rogers and Dalbin Osorio, which you should already be subscribed to. Jets Twitter is a wild place to be especially at this point of the offseason. Takes are flying left and right surrounding a bunch of different topics. Here’s some of the discussions I saw this week while scrolling through the timeline.

The Jets Would Be Dumb To Trade For Odell Beckham, Jr.!

If the Giants were actually going to go through and execute a deal to move the best player their franchise has had since I’ve been alive, why shouldn’t the Jets be in on that? The Giants reportedly have an asking price of two first round picks but Adam Schefter predicted that a deal would get done that included a first rounder, a third and a fourth rounder. If the Jets could get him with something close to the package Schefter predicted, you pull the trigger in a heartbeat.

OBJ is on a Hall of Fame type trajectory. For all of the attention his antics receive, he’s never been arrested or been in legal trouble. If in some parallel universe where the Giants would seriously consider trading their best player to the Jets, at the bare minimum you make the phone call.

The Jets Will Draft A Non Quarterback With The Number Three Pick

This is the most troubling conversation I saw this week. There are some who think (including my father) that with the signing of Teddy Bridgewater, the Jets quarterback situation is solved. The same people want Saquon Barkley or Quentin Nelson or Bradley Chubb because they “fill needs”.

Bridgewater almost lost his leg and has thrown two passes since 2015 (one of them being an interception). Sure his ceiling is enticing but to put all your eggs in the Bridgewater basket is preposterous. How many times do we have to go into a season hoping for good quarterback play from backup level quarterbacks? The pick is going to be Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield. Get over it. (I will not speak the Josh Allen talk into existence).

Josh Allen Is A Better Prospect Than Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield

Lets get out ahead of this one because it will come up a million times between now and draft night. You can love the tall quarterback with the cannon arm and couple that with Mike Maccagnans preference with quarterbacks to come to a conclusion that the Jets will draft him. However, when it comes to Allen, you have to play the “if” game with him for much longer than you do with Rosen or Mayfield.

If he fixes his footwork. If he can become more accurate. If he goes to the right organization. If he can read NFL defenses better than he did defenses while playing for Wyoming. The list goes on and on. When you have to start out your argument for Allen with “if he…” more often than not, it’s not in the best interest of your favorite team to give him the reigns.

We Can’t Trade Bilal Powell!

Powell is a fan favorite in the Jets community and a majority of us have been clamoring for him to get the ball more. He’s a good change of pace back that better complements a bell cow back. He’s also a classic case of fans skewing their perspectives on him because he’s likable. He’ll be turning 30 this season, which isn’t ideal for a running back. Every time he’s gotten the chance to be the guy, he gets injured. If you can move him for a pick, you make that deal. Elijah McGuire ideally gives you what Powell brings except he’s younger and has less miles on him.

Christian Hackenberg Just Needs A Chance!

It’s March 30th, 2018. Hack has never taken a snap and will never take a snap with the Jets. In 27 days, he’s off the roster. #HackHive will officially be exterminated. Give. It. Up.

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