New York Jets – The Offseason Guidelines

Greg Armstrong lays out the must follow guidelines for the New York Jets offseason…

As we inch closer and closer to the official start of the NFL New Year, the rumors heat up, the hypothetical scenarios come in droves and stress levels sky rocket. With all of the cap space the New York Jets have and with the 6th pick in the draft, there’s a lot to be excited about as a Jet fan. Here are some points to hammer home before we dive head first into the offseason. Go Get Your QB

By this point it’s been beaten to death but the point still remains: the time is now to go and get your guy at quarterback. Kirk Cousins should be the Plan A. There are rumblings that the Vikings are in front of the Jets to sign him and if that’s the case you have to go all in on Plan B, which should be to draft a quarterback and bring back Josh McCown or sign another veteran.

The Jets cannot sit at six and wait for Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen to fall to them. There too many quarterback needy teams that have the ammo to jump the Jets and get their guy. Sitting at six is too risky for a GM and head coach that will be out of the door if they can’t get a quarterback. The Colts are the most likely trade partner at three. If Sam Darnold goes first, it might be a little easier to trade up. If the Browns go in a different direction with the first pick, droves of teams will be calling to move up. The Jets have to do and give up whatever it takes to go and get their guy.

Upgrade For Now And For The Future

The last Mike Maccagnan had a boatload of cash to spend was in the 2015 offseason. He signed Darrelle Revis (30 years old) and Antonio Cromartie (31 years old) and traded for Brandon Marshall (31 years old) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (33 years old). The moves that offseason were fun for the fan base but resulted in no playoff appearances and none of those guys on the current roster.

With all of this money, Maccagnan has to be smart when it comes to signing older players. The Jets probably aren’t going to win the Super Bowl in the next two years. The moves made should reflect that. The moves should be centered around acquiring talent that won’t just win you games this season but for multiple seasons beyond this next one. It’s a tough line to walk being that Maccagnan knows his job is on the line but if he can build a roster that shows it’s not just a flash in the pan, he might be around to reap the benefits.

Spend Wisely

The 2015 season was the Jets collection talent playing to the absolute peak of their possible performance. It was a high ceiling, low floor collection of players. In 2016 we saw the low floor part. Maccagnan needs to find players with relatively high ceilings and relatively high floors. For example, signing a Trumaine Johnson might look good in the first year but as a cornerback that will be almost 30 in the second year of his deal, we could see the drop off of one Darrelle Revis in his second go around with the team.

Having all of this money doesn’t mean you need to spend carelessly. You wouldn’t buy a 2016 Audi with 90,000 miles on it just to say you drive an Audi. That’s careless. Buy the 2017 Audi with 25,000 miles on it. Go after younger players with that can play at a high level not just for one or two years but ones that will be part of team if/when it becomes a contender.

Swing For The Fences

This might sound contradictory to everything I’ve said but this isn’t the time to sit on your hands. It all starts with the quarterback. If you can lure Kirk Cousins to the Big Apple, then you use that remaining cap to surround him with premium players to put and keep the Jets in the playoff hunt. If you take the route of drafting a quarterback, you use the money to surround that guy with premium weapons. It makes no sense not to go after premium players in this offseason.

Same goes for the defense. You have a young, up and coming defense that would greatly benefit from having a top level cornerback and a higher level pass rusher. You have the allure of a fat check, all of the opportunities that the New York market brings and the possibility of being a part of team that is on the cusp of being a year in year out playoff contender. Follow the above advice as well as this.

Check Your Sources

This one is for the fans on Twitter. Before you get duped by an Adam Sh3fter account, make sure you check to make sure that the account tweeting the news has an actual blue check. Save yourself some fake outrage and stress by tapping on the profile and making sure they are the real deal!

Photo credit: NY Daily News