Initial Reaction – New York Jets Sign Cornerback Morris Claiborne

Dan Essien with initial reaction to the Jets bringing back CB Morris Claiborne…

The New York Jets re-signed Morris Claiborne to a 1 year deal this evening. Claiborne is their second CB signing of free agency after they signed Trumaine Johnson earlier. Here are some initial thoughts…

1 – Last year, the Jets added Claiborne as their number one corner. This year they’re adding him as their second corner on the outside, opposite of Trumaine Johnson. Todd Bowles now finally has two natural press corners on the outside. This should give the Jets more flexibility in how they apply pressure and rotate matchups against some particularly dangerous targets they’ll face this upcoming season, such as Demaryius Thomas, T.Y Hilton, and Deandre Hopkins. Also, the main concern with Morris Claiborne has always been his health. With Trumaine Johnson in the fold, the Jets can take some of the pressure off of Claiborne which could lead to a longer, healthier season.

2 – Claiborne’s one year deal allows the Jets to re-evaluate the entire CB depth chart after next season and also gives them extra time to try and develop some players lower on the depth chart. Now, there’s no need to throw players like Jeremy Clark, Derrick Jones, and Rashard Robinson into the fire.  Yet at the same time, they can work their way up with a chance to take over next year, should any of them show promise.

3 – The Jets reportedly signed Claiborne to $7 million deal. That certainly sounds like he gave them a discount. But more importantly, it means they’re still fully loaded to pursue the biggest target available: Tyrann Mathieu. The Jets secondary is definitely improved, at this point, from last year. But if they complete “LSU North” and sign Mathieu, they’re on another level.

The Jets are spending a good amount of attention on their secondary. Let’s see who they invest in next.

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