TOJ Tweet Summary – Season Review (Top 10)

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary wrap-up for the season…

Overall it’s been a disappointing year of Jets football. But there’s no doubt we’ve had some good moments along the way with #JetsTwitter. In this special edition of the Tweet Summary, we’re going to compile our top 10 tweets from this season. Between all the moments of joy, frustration, and roasting fellow fans these few are the best of the best.

10. Jets Puns

Jermaine Kearse was one of the few significant contributors on offense early on the season. @Cd360 summed it up with a pun in week 2 against the Raiders.

9. No! Leave Cutler in!

In week 7, the Jets were battling in Miami when Jay Cutler got injured. Jets fans know who they’d rather see between Cutler and Matt Moore. Nick reminded us…

8. Premonition

In week 9, against the Bills, @JakeRepNY predicted the Jets first TD with crazy detail.

7. Why?

The Jets had a chance to drive and take the lead in Miami (week 7), but McCown threw a soul-crushing INT to seal the game. @joeyrix was all of us…

6. Cryptocurrency

Against the Broncos, Todd Bowles decided to not use his timeouts towards the end of the first half to try and leave enough time on the clock for his offense. #JetsTwitter was confused…

He’d be a billionaire at this point…

5. ASJ is under review

ASJ had a rough season with officiating. Between flags and reviews refs overturned roughly 528 touchdowns from him. By week 12, Drew summed up our feelings.

4. Never forget

If there’s one thing Jets fans love it’s bringing up old tweets. @KyleFaheyNFL is a prodigy in the cold take collectors game. He had this exchange after Leonard Williams snagged an INT in New Orleans.

Before Leo pick…

After Leo pick…

3. Jamal Adams eternal debate

Figuring out whether or not Jamal Adams was a good draft pick is a debate that @JPens4Real21 and @edwardgorelik have elected to go full First Take about. They’ve been subbing each other all season and it’s a joy to experience. Here are some examples:

2. Marcus Peters – Birthday Entertainer

In a crazy sequence in the Jets week 13 win against Kansas City, Marcus Peters threw a flag into the stands. It somehow ended up in the hands of a kid celebrating his birthday at the game. Gotta be a top 10 all time birthday present.

1. Friendly fire

Jets fans simultaneously hate each other and yet want the best for each other. Nothing sums it up better than this blazing hot exchange between two dudes that actually know each other in real life.


That’s it for tweet summaries this season! Stay weird #JetsTwitter!

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