Super Bowl Prop Bets To Watch For

For Jets fans it comes as no surprise that the Jets are not in the Super Bowl this year. They entered the season on some sportsbooks at 1000-1 odds to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. ESPN’s Mike Clay projected that the Jets would go 0-16. I am sure he’s still getting bombarded with hate emails after the Jets ended the season with 5 wins. The early odds for 2019 recently came out and the Jets are 100-1 to win the Super Bowl next year. Not as bad as last year but still among the least favorite teams to with the Super Bowl. So now we await the draft and see how management goes about addressing the team needs in the offseason. In the meantime, spark up the grill, make sure the cooler Is loaded and take a chance at making some money on one of the more then hundreds of prop bets that will be available for the Super Bowl.

The last time Justin Timberlake was in charge of half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl, Janet Jackson’s nipple made an impromptu appearance and “wardrobe malfunction” entered the national lexicon. All eyes will therefore be on his performance this year to check for any flesh-baring shenanigans, and sportsbooks are cashing in. NFL fans are presented with a wonderful array of prop bets at this time of year, and “will there be a wardrobe malfunction?” is sure to be among the most popular. Yes is the +1500 outsider, and it specifies that it must feature the expositing of an “intimate” part of the body. If you think Timberlake will keep his trousersnak in his pants you can get odds of -4000.

SBR will carry the best Super Bowl prop bets, so be sure to check out the full list as there are far too many to list in a single article. One popular wager concerns the length of the national anthem. This year Pink will be singing it and the line has been set at 2 minutes. If you think she will go over, you can get -140, but if you feel she will display brevity you can take longer odds of +100. Billy Joel did it in 1 min 35 secs, showing that it does not need to be a drawn-out affair, but most musicians like to make the most of their time in the spotlight and drag it out for a while. Alicia Keys holds the record as the went on for a remarkable 2 mins 35 secs, and that performance will have really helped drag the average time out to 2 mins 18.6 seconds over the years. That suggests that over 2 minutes will come in again in 2018 and it did in the last three years. Luke Bryan took 2 mins 4 secs, Lady Gaga lasted for 2 mins 9 secs and Idina Menzel was also singing for 2 mins 4 secs.

You can wager on whether any other members of NSYNC will make it on the stage at half time along with Timberlake (yes is +150, no looks good at -180). How many commercials will Peyton Manning appear in? Over 2.5 is -115 in the lines and that looks great. What about his brother Eli, will he make an appearance in a commercial? Yes is -120 and that would really annoy Patriots fans, so you never know.

Another hugely popular market surrounds the color of Gatorade that will be dumped on the winning coach. It was a scratch last year as the books could not reach a conclusion, and this time around clear is +200, green/yellow is +300, red is +500 as is blue, orange is +750 and none is +1500. Attention as always will focus on the president and you can get +360 on Donald Trump taking part in a pregame interview on NBC (no is -500). You can also bet on the total number of Donald Trump tweets during the game, and over 2.5 looks a great option at -115. Team Fluff and Team Ruff are both -115 in the eagerly anticipated Puppy Bowl.

Alongside all this, a game of football is actually taking place and most of the prop bets concern the action on the field of play. Tom Brady is understandably favorite to take the MVP award ahead of Nick Foles and Rob Gronkowski, while the Pats are -145 to score the first touchdown. Heads and tails are both -105 in the coin toss betting, and Bill Belichick is +2500 to announce his retirement after the game, while Brady is -130 to wear a bandage on his right hand.

So along with what looks to be a good game, sprinkle in all the commercials, half-time show, and the hundreds of prop bets available and you sure to have an overall exciting Super Bowl.