New York Jets Eek Out Victory Over Jacksonville, Now a .500 Team

This is it. This is the time to change your predictions because the New York Jets are defying expectations. Who knew the sportsbetting odds for New York Jets games would change so drastically?

Think about it: the Jets are a .500 team. Think about what that means. The Jets haven’t been a .500 team since the second week of the previous season. Everyone thought New York was a joke.

They were derided for the scarcity of talent in their ranks. In fact, the team was all but guaranteed to get the Number 1 draft pick for 2018. And none of those expectations were exaggerations.

The Jets deserved all the doom and gloom they were attracting from forecasters. But then Sunday came, New York faced off against the Jacksonville Jaguars and they actually won.

For some people, especially Jets fans, the events that occurred at the Metlife Stadium on Sunday still feel like a dream. New York somehow eked out a 23-20 victory in a game they should have thoroughly lost.

Coach Todd Bowles is all smiles. He’s spent the last couple of weeks telling critics that, while the Jets are undoubtedly a poor team, they have improved with every game they’ve played.

What happens next? The Jets are 2-2 currently. That is the same record as the New England Patriots, and the season is already a quarter of the way done. Now, anyone raising the Jets up as legitimate contenders this season should stop.

The Jets were good on Sunday but they are not that good. Right now, all that can be said is this: the Jets are not as bad as everyone thought. By the time Chandler Catanzaro landed the 41-yard field goal and brought the game to an end, spectators could tell that the Jets team on display was something different.

Todd has been pushing his players on both offense and defense, and he’s finally seeing the results. The Jets were pretty resilient on Sunday. They made one too many mistakes, and once that ten-point lead disappeared, they could have easily folded.

In fact, the Jets team of three weeks ago did not have the capacity to recover from such an occurrence. The boys that were deployed on Sunday had a surprising level of grit and perseverance, coming back in overtime to drag the victory away from the Jaguars.

In truth, both the Jaguars and the Jets looked like they were collapsing at certain points But the Jaguars fell much further and much faster than their opponents.

Will Forte sat the game out, giving Bilal Powell and Elijah McGuire the opportunity to show their stuff and ran for 256 yards combined. One hopes that Todd saw what Powell and the rookie did and that he will place them at the center of the team’s running game because they are far more effective than Forte.

Todd must also reconsider Josh McCown’s future. Sure, this was just one game. But the Jets lost their lead because of his short throws to Powell. Josh’s mistakes were the sort the Jets need to eliminate from their game if they are to reap the benefits of the rebuilding process.

Weird as the Sunday game was, it was exactly what New York needed to get their spirits up. Who knows what they will do with that momentum.