Initial Reaction – Three In A Row, Jets Win Ugly Over Browns 17-14

Joe Caporoso with initial reaction to the New York Jets 17-14 win over the Cleveland Browns

The New York Jets showed they could win ugly today, edging out the Cleveland Browns 17-14 in a slop fest. Despite running for 34 total yards and not having a receiver with more than 39 yards, they still found a way to come out on top. This win belonged to the defense who came up with three turnovers. The Browns were inside the 5 yard line three times and came up with zero points, thanks to a turnover on downs, a fumble and an interception (Hello, Marcus Maye!). It was the team’s first road win of the season and a nice step for a young roster led by a very, very old quarterback. 

Offensively, this was far from the team’s best effort but they were able to make second half adjustments and do just enough. Josh McCown finished 23/30 for 194 yards with a pair of touchdowns and an ugly interception. Jermaine Kearse grabbed his third touchdown of the season on a well designed and set up play by John Morton, where the Jets pumped short on a screen route they had thrown earlier in the game. Austin Seferian-Jenkins also caught a short fade route for a touchdown and continued to show his improvement from last season, coming up big multiple times on third down. There was no running game to speak of as the Jets struggled after Bilal Powell left with a calf injury. Elijah McGuire only had 20 yards on 11 carries.

Defensively, Morris Claiborne was terrific. For some reason the Browns kept going after him instead of Buster Skrine or Marcus Williams, he grabbed his first interception of the season which set up the Jets first touchdown. Maye made a beautiful read and took advantage of a poor decision of DeShone Kizer for his first career interception. Overall, the Jets allowed more yards than you would like to see, particularly with Cleveland playing their backup quarterback in the second half but were saved by their ability to tighten up in the red-zone and force turnovers.

The Jets are not going to be able to beat anybody but Cleveland if they play like they did today, especially teams like New England or Atlanta. However, this is a young team and learning to win ugly on the road is important. Todd Bowles and this coaching staff deserve credit for how they have the Jets competing right now on a weekly basis. They could easily be 0-5 like the 49ers, Giants (ha!) or Browns with their talent level but are finding ways to win football games.

A decent start was always on the table with this schedule, making any 0-16 or 1-15 predictions ridiculous but good on the Jets for actually winning the “winnable” games on their schedule. The competition level goes up substantially next week and it will be interesting to see how they handle it.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • This season is about progress, right? So why should I be happy when the team plays poorly, is outplayed by the Browns and still win the game because the Browns are the dumbest team in the NFL pushing them even further away of a top 3 pick in the Draft?

  • Dan in RI

    Still amazed that we beat the Jags, making them look bad in the process–especially since our drubbing of them was sandwiched between drubbings the Jags handed out to two teams that are (or should be) pretty good. This game truly had the look of two teams competing for a high draft pick–but with the Browns clearly way ahead of us in any tank-a-thon.

    That said, there are things to like about the team right now. ASJ looks like he is going to blossom into a very good tight end, assuming he can keep his head set on straight. Our safety situation is finally set. And OC Morton looks like he has a pretty good idea how to get the most out of the limited talent available to him. What is not to like–the DL was MIA. These guys are supposed to be good. What happened? The QB is playing decently, but he’s a thousand years old, and probably won’t/shouldn’t be back. And the fragile Claiborne is the only CB we have who is worth a damn.

    I was also interested to see the progress Cleveland has made. Myles Garrett looks like a budding star. Two sacks in how many snaps? Two more that Williams and Wilkerson have. Damn. And Njoku is a heck of a player. Not sure if Kizer is the answer at QB–but it looks like they’ll find out this season and structure their draft accordingly if he’s not. With all the picks the Browns have in this year’s draft, and with some very good building blocks in place, they may be on the verge of turning this thing around next year or soon after.