Raiders vs Jets: Looking at the Defining Plays

The Raiders beat the Jets 45-20. And this is just about the time that one looks at the tape for that game if only to better understand what went right and wrong. This isn’t an exercise in futility, at least not for anyone trying to better understand and plan for the New York Jets odds for the season.

You need to look at more than one game to figure out the direction a team will take for the rest of the season. But one game can tell you what you should expect. At a time when the Jets were 21-13, the Raiders moved to reduce the number of Jets defenders in the middle by spitting three wide receivers to the right, this while Cordarrelle Patterson split left.

While Marcus Maye covered a wide receiver, with Jamal Adams lined up over the tight end, Darron Lee and Demario Davis were pushed to the line of Scrimmage (between the center and guards).

Derek Carr signaled Patterson from the shotgun formation and handed him the ball sending him right up the middle. With Lee being pushed five yards off the line of scrimmage by Osemele, Rodney Hudson and Osemele were the center and left who quickly put key blocks in place.

Davis was brought to the ground by Hudson, giving Patterson the space to slip by Muhammad Wilkerson and Burris to score a 43-yard TD.

Even though the Jets had made an early push, this play put the game firmly under the control of the Raiders.

The Jets quickly positioned Jordan Jenkins beside three other down linemen on the line of scrimmage. The right tackle was assigned Kony Ealy and Darron Lee (Lee was stacked behind Ealy).

With Jamal Adams in the box, Demario Davis over the left tackle and Jared Cook motioned in by Derek Carr shortly before the snap, the next notable play began with Jalen Richard. The quick pitch made for interesting results.

Marshall Newhouse was the right tackle that drove Adams towards the sideline, this while Lee was thrown off the ground by Hudson. Richard was able to cut a path to a 52-yard TD with the seal of Adam, Lee, and Ealy, not to mention Marcus Maye taking a terrible angle, and Cook and Gabe Jackson double teaming Ealy.

By the time the Jets took possession of the ball, the Oakland Coliseum was groaning under all the roars. At 35-13, it looked like the game was over. The Jets were only left with the option of leaving things on a respectable note.

Two Jets WRs went left while three split right. Karl Joseph was shuffled away in the weeds (lined five yards off the scrimmage line), hiding after blitzing successfully in the 3rd quarter.

Brandon Shell had looked really good blocking Khalil Mack throughout the game. Denico Autry was positioned on his shoulder, though it didn’t really matter. Joseph wasted no time in putting his speed to good use the moment the ball was snapped, setting his sights on Josh McClown.

While Autry got into zone coverage, Shell did his best and failed to get to Joseph who was able to reach his target because Mcclown’s first read was to the left and that made it impossible for him to see Joseph’s approach.

Joseph knocked the ball loose and recovered it, paving the way for another Raiders’ TD some plays later.