New York Jets – Stock Up, Stock Down, Week One vs Bills

Kyle Fahey with a stock report on the New York Jets in week 1 against the Buffalo Bills

Even after a offseason of clearing out “bad locker room guys”, drafting well, and being able to “evaluate young talent”… the New York Jets tank rolls on.

The team struggled as a whole in a square off versus the Bills. Josh McCown averaged a woping 4.3 YPA, Bilal Powell played second fiddle to Matt Forte, Mo Wilkerson played into Manish Mehta’s next headline, and we still have the Cowardly Lion back returning kicks.

Stock Up: Robby Anderson, Josh Martin, Leonard Williams

Robby Anderson: The kid is always open, but just gets disregarded. If he had a QB he would be substantially more production. He continues to show growth in his route tree: more middle routes, daggers, drags, slants.

Josh Martin: Solid game, where he got to the QB a couple times (half of a sack and a QB hit) plus 5 tackles. Martin one of the few defensive players who showed consistent effort on the field.

Leonard Williams: Leo did Leo things today. That’s what happens when you try: “Leonard Williams (83.6 overall grade) finished as the highest-graded player on the team. He generated two QB hits & a hurry. In the run game, Williams had no trouble beating his blockers, compiling a massive 4 run stops.” via PFF

Stock Down: Mo Wilkerson, Marcus Maye, Matt Forte

Mo Wilkerson: He let Manish Mehta look smart today…if that doesn’t make you wonder what the hell is going on then I don’t know what will. There are no more excuses for Mo, he’s healthy, he’s paid, but he’s not producing. I am foreseeing a trade by week 7.

Marcus Maye: Rookie bumps were expected for Maye. He is played poorly primarily because of instinct. He is going to have to get used to the game and its speed, which will come with time.

Matt Forte: Calvin Pace’s body double. Forte may be debated in congress whether his usage hurts the environment or not. Forte is done, he averaged 2.7 YPR on six attempts… its time to play Powell.

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Author: Kyle Fahey

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  • John C

    The run game is probably more the fault of the line. Powell didn’t do much either. If it isn’t the line, then it is time to play Maguire. The new punt returner dropped two punts in a row, but the first one he managed to get a nice return on; but a returner needs to catch the ball!! Maye and Adams need a lot of work, as in the pre-season, they had a lot of misses and bad angles on tackles. Adams did make a few plays, but they showed their inexperience. McCown wasn’t the worst thing on the field, which is sad… That speaks volumes as to where the team is at. 3 years in for McCagnan, and there isn’t a position unit on the team that is set for a promising future.