New York Jets Hope Kony Ealy Will Give Them One Up Over New England

It is a terrible thing to play in the same league as the New England Patriots. Sure, the challenge is fun and exciting. But the pundits and analysts can make it a nightmare with the constant comparisons they make between New England and everyone else.

The New York Jets can tell you as much. New England never seems to make a misstep. The Jets, on the other hand, only ever make missteps. One can understand why these comparisons are so strong.

And it isn’t like the comparisons are false. The Patriots really do get things right most of the time. And the Jets, unfortunately, never seem to make the right decisions; one look at the Jets betting odds offered by sportsbooks will prove as much. However, with Kony Ealy, the Jets believe that they might have finally gotten one over the Patriots, or so they would like to hope.

The defensive lineman was a source of concern for the Patriots some time ago. The Jets were given the opportunity to bring him on board after he was waived by the Patriots. Ealy was a bit of a waste for New England because they had to give up second-round and third-round 2014 draft picks to bring him on board from the Carolina Panthers.

It was a significant price and one that the Patriots probably regretted. It should be noted that Kony Ealy is a talented player. However, he never seemed to gel with New England. Many a rumor has continued to circulate about what truly happened to Ealy during his days with New England.

Ealy did shed some light on the issue by hinting at the fact that he had issues with Coach Bill Belichick, though he wouldn’t elaborate on the exact nature of those issues. Ealy’s absence on the first day of New England’s training camp said volumes and it wasn’t a surprise when Ealy’s fate was finally revealed.

Right now, all the Jets fans care about is the bout against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. So they probably have little interest in Ealy’s issues with New England.

Ealy, to his credit, has chosen to steer clear of the Jets-Patriots rivalry. Anyone that has interviewed him on the issue, though, will tell you that Ealy still has a lot to say about the Patriots. It has been three weeks since he was released and one wouldn’t blame him for seething with a modicum of anger against Belichick.

It didn’t cost the Jets that much to bring Ealy onboard. But he is still a gamble and Ealy assured the media that he would do everything in his power to justify the team’s faith in him.

Ealy has Super Bowl and Playoffs experience and one assumes he has a lot to bring to New York. He needs to be disruptive for their defense. The Jets, for all their problems, have a talented crew and Ealy will fit right in.

And it is worth noting that the Patriots are not nearly as invincible as everyone thought, not after they gave up 42 points to Kansas City last Thursday Night. Interviewers used the loss as an opportunity to ask Ealy whether or not he thought he would have bolstered the Patriots against Kansas City.

He refused to be baited on the New England issue, though. So far, the Jets have seen Ealy in practice and they’ve liked what they’ve seen.