Josh McCown Back to Form

Josh McCown is 38 years old. However, even at this age, he is showing signs of life that are hard to ignore. In the game, his signature moment came when he flung a 69-yard bomb towards Roby Anderson. This fling bore a close resemblance to the one Ken O’Brien made to Wesley Walker a while back. His arm suffered no backlash at all. He kept on slinging the ball giving the Jets their first win of this season. This bold piece of play endeared him to both his coach and his teammates.

Messing up the order

Josh is playing pretty well and this makes many enthusiasts to wonder what impact that has on the updated Jets odds for next game. McCown exhibited a 70% completion rate. Through the three most previous games he has played he earned a 91.3 passer rating. He has been playing so well that his gameplay is messing up the Quarterback selection. Josh was previously never meant to be the starting act but rather a second or even third choice. He would be there in the case that both Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg were ruled out.

Coach commends McCown

The Jets coach, Todd Bowles, confessed that he found the player extremely efficient. He also said that the player had been on his A-game in the first three weeks. The coach commended the player for his vision in the pitch as well as his smart offence strategies.

McCown is the player the Jets need

As it stands, McCown is the most ideal quarterback that the Jets could have. This is because he is unselfish with the ball as well as intelligent in his play. This means he can lead the much younger players onto the pitch as well as teach them on how the game is best played. He is also eternally optimistic person. This is an essential for the Jets who should be expecting plenty of adversity in this season. He is not like Jay Cutler who became so pessimistic after they were beaten down that he flung poor passes. His poor performance, however, all worked for the good as McCown was chosen in the stead of Cutler.

Jets’ reality

McCown entered the game in the face of a defense that was stout. He managed to complete 18 passes out of 23. He also hit one touchdown. These are not stats that would amaze many but the Jets live in the real world. And their reality includes rebuilding their team, step by step, week by week. The touchdown pass McCown gave to Anderson is just one example of how they intend on turning negative into positive. McCown said that the pass was good for the team as they rebuild. He said that those are the types of brocks that they should be laying down as they help the team to grow.


Some critics insist that the Jets are wasting time giving McCown playing time as they believe this is just reducing play-time for Hackenberg or Petty. However, this is all nonsense because his competency as a quarterback gives room for the attack to implement a new attack strategy, a feat lacking with the other two. With time the coach will have to play either or both Petty or Hackenberg but for now, McCown is their choice quarterback.