Williams Wants to Be a Better Leader for Jets

The New York Jets sports odds for the season don’t look good because the team lost most of its best players during the offseason, which is why the Jets are projected to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season.

During the offseason, there were rumors that the Jets intentionally got rid of their top talent so they could tank and get the top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. As expected, the team’s brass denied the allegations, but it still doesn’t mean the team isn’t aiming for the top draft pick.

Even if his team is expected to be one of the worst in the NFL this season, Leonard Williams isn’t going down without a fight. The 23-year-old defensive end recently told reporters he set a personal goal for this season, and it has nothing to do with his personal stats.

Williams said his main goal for the season is to become a better leader on the field. Even though he is one of the youngest players on the team, some of his teammates already consider him one of the team leaders.

While other players spent their offseason relaxing, Williams took a summer course at San Diego’s Ascension Leadership Academy, learning how to become a better leader.

Williams said he has always embraced a leadership role with the teams he has been with in the past, but never forced himself into the role. Williams said he finds himself in leadership roles because he shows up for work and makes sure his teammates are on the same page.

Williams has always led by example because he believes it is the best way to get others to follow him. Since he was selected by the Jets in 2015, he hasn’t missed a game. Last season, he finished with a team high seven sacks, and is hoping to do better this year.

Jets defensive line coach Robert Nunn had nothing but praise for Williams, whose determination to improve and the effort he has shown in camp has impressed the coach.

Nunn said Williams is a guy that seems to improve every day. He added that he likes coaching Williams because he picks things up very quickly, which is great because the coaches don’t have to keep repeating themselves.

Nunn also likes the fact that Williams is one of the hardest workers on the team during practice and games.

Despite his leadership skills, Williams said the one are he has struggled with since he has been with the Jets is getting along with his teammates. As a player that is always striving for greatness, Williams expects the same from his teammates and gets upset if he feels players aren’t giving their best on the field.

Even though it’s not in his comfort zone, Williams said he will try to me more vocal with his teammates, and try not to worry so much about what they think.

While some might wonder why a 23-year-old is considered a leader on the team, it makes a lot of sense since he is one of the few guys on the team you can count on to produce consistently.

In addition to his seven sacks, Williams also had 68 tackles and two forced fumbles, which earned him his first trip to the Pro Bowl.