TOP 5 Most Underrated NFL Quarterbacks

The quarterback position is one of the most important and strategic roles on the field in American Modern Football and in most cases, the quarterback is also the leader of the line of offense. Before each play, the quarterback will inform his team members which “play” they will go for, thus establishing both the offensive tactic and the alignment of the defense and midfield lines. It is a really complicated decision, similar to the one you have to make when comparing hot offers from PartyCasino, let’s say. If the chosen play is a passing one, it will be the quarterback who will launch one of those long exquisite passes across the adversaries’ line of defense. Also, in NFL, quarterbacks are required to wear a number from 1 to 9 for easier distinction.

Across years, several football players that have truly shined on the field as quarterbacks remain imprinted in the supporters’ and fans’ memories and in the NFL Hall of Fame as real-life living legends. However, there are quite a few quarterbacks in the League that due to the circumstances and despite their actual field work, have remained virtually unnoticed. Along with other honorable mentions, these are the 5 most capable and underrated quarterbacks in NFL:

5. Jim Everett

Everett has been constantly associated and compared to other players that have not managed as much as he did. Quarterback for The Rams, Everett has been the leader in touchdowns for two consecutive years in the League, in 1988 and 1989. Despite this, he did not receive a pro bowl selection in either year. Also, in 1989 he was leading the league in fourth quarter comebacks also managing to score the winning point in the playoffs against the Giants, in overtime.

4. Jeff Garcia

Having arrived in the league quite late, at the age of 29, and also being one of the shortest quarterbacks out there, Garcia did not draw much attention from supporters and critics, yet his results would actually point to the contrary. After 1 year in Cleveland where he managed near-league results, he arrives at Philadelphia where he scores 5 -1 against the Eagles, leading the team to the playoffs.

3. Vinny Testaverde

Having played in the league until the age of 44 and having achieved an impressive total of 6,701 passes throughout his career, Testaverde is not only one of the most undermined and overlooked quarterbacks in NFL history, but also the player with the closest results to the Hall of Fame standards. Nevertheless, he has been constantly overlooked as part of his team due to lower offensive talents and always facing much more solid opponents. Football Outsiders nominated him for the highest rated passer of 1996.

2. John Brodie

Three times NFL leader in passing completions and also yards as well as two times leader in touchdowns, Brodie was also selected MVP of 1970, taking the 49ers to the title that year and the next one too. Despite an impressive line of achievements, Brodie remained mostly unnoticed without any official distinction so far.

  1. Ken Anderson 

By the mid-70s, Anderson has managed an average of 8 yards per each attempt and during a match against quite defensive Pittsburgh Steelers, he established an unprecedented record of 20 points for 20 passings. Anderson also received the MVP award in 1981, yet with all these results, he still has no selection at all to the Hall of Fame.

For some reason or another, but mostly due either to incompatible team mates or to the public and media lack of interest, each of the quarterbacks mentioned above have managed to achieve impressive or even record results, only to be constantly and unfairly underappreciated by all important factions in the American Football.