Preseason Week 3: Stock Up, Stock Down

Kyle Fahey with a stock report on the New York Jets after their third preseason game against he Giants…

The Jets played their annual Snoopy Bowl Preseason game against THE New York, Yacht riding, wall punching, fraud writing, Football Giants! An overall mind boggling game that made you scream, cry, cheer, and scream a little more. It ultimately ended up at the score of 32-31 in favor of the guys in blue after a failed two point conversion by Gang Green.

This game reminds me a lot of a new girlfriend. You are so happy to get rid of the old, annoying ex (Hackenberg) that you’re willing to risk it all for the new, slightly less annoying girlfriend (Petty). Lets just enjoy it while we have it though, oh wait…I forgot to tell you that this new girlfriend may have a torn ACL.

Stock Up: Bryce Petty, ArDarius Stewart, Chad Hansen, Julian Stanford

Bryce Petty: Played all of the second half until he was injured late in the fourth quarter, let’s hope he is ok. In his play time he posted three touchdowns, zero interceptions, passed for 250 yards, and posted a perfect passer rating of 158.3. Bottom line, if healthy, Petty is the Jets starter.

ArDarius Stewart: THE STEW IS COOKIN!!!!!!!!!! ArDarius Stewart was on the receiving end of two Bryce Petty TDs. He looked impressive, broke some tackles, caught some tough passes, and showed his RAC ability while averaging 16.4 yards per reception.

Chad Hansen: Nothing extremely impressive from Hansen (besides his jaw line) but he still made himself known tonight. Two catches for 45 yards is nothing to sneeze at. Overall solid progress from Ben Blessington’s more athletic self.

Julian Stanford: Another solid performance from the muscle nerd. Seven tackles on Defense, tacked on one more on special teams. Honestly, may be a starter week one..

Stock Down: Christian Hackenberg, Josh McCown

Christian Hackenberg: If you took everything you didn’t want your QB to do, Hack did it. Missed coverages, overthrew routes, wasted timeouts, got his receivers killed, took longer to deliver passes than the Giants did to get rid of Josh Brown, etc. He is not the answer, sorry.

Josh McCown: I honestly couldn’t tell you what goes through the mind of Todd Bowles, all I know is that McCown is our most proven QB in the
locker room and he didn’t even touch the field tonight. So….stock down.

Author: Kyle Fahey

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