New York Jets – Stock Up, Stock Down…

Kyle Fahey on who had their stock go up and who had their stock go down in the New York Jets preseason opener

The Jets came out of the offseason and proceeded to beat the visiting Tennessee Titans seven to three in the first preseason game of the year.

The game was not a pleasure to watch in exception to some few bright spots. At one point I thought I was sitting through a sub par romantic comedy. So many ups, downs, laughs, and tears… except a lot less Ryan Gosling.

Up: Josh Martin, Jordan Jenkins, Julian Stanford, Josh McCown, Robby Anderson

Josh Martin: Martin came out and made an early case for the starting OLB job. He put up three tackles, one sack, and left his mark in my impressionable mind. With Lorenzo Mauldin missing the game and being in possible legal issues, Martin has the opportunity to seize the starting job.

Jordan Jenkins: Jenkins flew around the field all game. Special teams, run stops, pass rush, and solid coverage caught my eye. I sense a strong sophomore season in line for Jenkins.

Julian Stanford: The huge hit on Alex Tanney reserves Stanford a spot on this list.

Make that Brady next time and we will talk contract extensions. But in all seriousness, Stanford showed that he was much improved as a decision maker and open field player.

Josh McCown: I expected much less from McCown seeing as he is working with Robby Anderson as his number one threat and no Matt Forte or Bilal Powell to lean on. Nonetheless, he went three for five on his opening drive, connecting deep with Robby Anderson for 53 yards and a few plays later he hit second-year player Charone Peake for an easy TD.

Robby Anderson: Robby stepped up and delivered 71 yards on three receptions. Imagine the damage he can do when he is targeted like a number one receiver. Let’s just hope one of these QBs can consistently deliver him the ball.

The Downs: Management of Elijah McGuire, Masking of the Offense for Hackenberg

The management of Elijah McGuire: With the team’s top two horses sitting out, I was expecting a heavy workload for the sixth round selection. The coaching staff ultimately decided to give McGuire six attempts from scrimmage while training camp standout Romar Morris received twice the amount of carries. Hopefully, Johnny Mo gives McGuire more opportunities next week against Detroit.

Masking the Offense: I was shocked to see Hackenberg continue to dink and dunk. The best part of his game (in college) was reading defenses in the middle of the field. It seems John Morton has veered from that philosophy in favor of the stat padding, useless, time wasting plays that do not further Hackenberg’s development.

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Author: Kyle Fahey

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  • glegly

    Had zero problems masking the offense for Hack. Granted, it was the kind of performance you would’ve expected LAST preseason before he was frozen in carbonite, but it’s here, the first positive public news on this guy to date. In fact, I was a little surprised to see his name NOT on the “up” list; even though he didn’t score a single point and his YPA was a paltry 5.1 yards and they were mostly checkdowns, you didn’t see too much in way of happy feet, he at least seemed to scan the field and not lock on to the first receiver all the time and the throws looked pretty crisp. Take away two awful drops by wide open receivers, and he was 20/25.

    Am I grading on a crazy scale? You betcha, but these are desperate times.

  • David Aron

    josh martin did a reasonably good job against the run too. however, he still needs a little polishing at OLB. Martin was caught out of position in an end around by Taywan Taylor (1st play immediately after Taylor’s TD was reversed and ruled down by contact – 3rd 10:35) and lost contain on the play. Martin bit on the fake handoff to the strong side and tried to chase down the back side of the fake. it was too late when Taylor came back his way.
    now this is how the back side contain is done (from the 2013 season): New Orleans Saints 4-1-NYJ 36 (4th 7:54) J.Hill left end to NYJ 44 for -8 yards (Q.Coples). scroll to 2:50 in the attached link