Jets vs Titans: Josh McCown Acting like He’s Won Jets QB Race

Things are looking good for Josh McCown, and it isn’t just because of how he was perceived in the New York Jets betting odds for Week 1.

The Jets put the Tennessee Titans in their place when they ended the preseason match with a 7-3 victory, and Josh definitely played a part in that victory. Josh didn’t have that much pressure on his shoulders.

As far as he was concerned, it was only natural that he used his eight possessions to score, so he was more or less content with the results. It wasn’t the greatest of matches. But it was a notable game because Josh McCown looked and was treated as if he was the Jets starting quarterback.

The athlete did not have that many opportunities to show what he could do on the field. But the few opportunities he had he used to full effect, this including delivering a 53-yard completion to Robby.

Josh was also responsible for a 15-yard hookup to Jalin Marshall. The 4-yard touchdown pass he coordinated with Charone Peake was just the icing on the cake of a pretty badass drive. Sure, some people might choose to emphasize Josh’s one incompletion. But one dropped ball does not extinguish the fact that Josh had one opportunity to impress, and impress he did.

Josh said afterward that the play had gone pretty much according to plan. The team had concocted a particular strategy and they had executed it perfectly. Josh was quick to highlight the role his teammates played in getting that one touchdown.

As far as he was concerned, he was just one cog in a big machine and the fact that he was given the ball first meant that he had no choice but to deliver on the expectations of his teammates. Scoring was the only option.

Josh proved that he deserved the deference he was garnering from his teammates. And one assumes that Christian Hackenberg left the game with quite the dark cloud looming over him. Once the quarterback took the reins, the Jets pretty much stopped scoring.

Hackenberg isn’t doing much to change opinions that the Jets are having the worst QB contest in the last several years. Hackenberg did nothing with his eight possessions. Sure, he wasn’t terrible but his stats are nothing to boast about.

Football is all about scoring, and a team’s failure to score is a definite problem. Offensive coordinator John Morton took a very reserved approach to Hackenberg and the play-calling proved as much. Morton was keeping things simple. Clearly, he did not want to see anyone’s confidence bruised so early in the year.

Things are not so gloomy for Hackenberg, though. The skill-position players he will be playing with will make it difficult for Josh to make it through sixteen games. Hackenberg is bound to find another opportunity to impress.

Morton is so cautious right now, though, that he is unlikely to give Hackenberg the opportunity he seeks until the second half of the season. Hackenberg has a lot to do before he’s comfortable with the system. Until then, Josh is going to continue basking in the