PrimeSport Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Best Jets Moments Edition (With GIFs!)

Joe Caporoso with a PrimeSport Turn On The Jets 12 Pack on the team’s best moments in the past 20 years…

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Today we are going to rank the 12 best moments for the New York Jets in the post-Parcells era (AKA after 1997). There are not necessarily the most important moments, just the most enjoyable as they were happening. Check it out and let us know what we forgot down in the comment section or on Twitter…

12 – 2006 Regular Season – Shaun Ellis Clinching Sack vs. New England: This one may surprise a few people but at the time New England had a 57 game streak without consecutive losses and the Jets had not beaten them since December 2002. The streak ended on a muddy day in New England with a 17-14 win capped by this Ellis sack. Losing to Eric Mangini infuriated Bill Belichick so much that he ripped up the team’s natural grass surface midseason and replaced it with field turf. This game also resulted in a phenomenal image that should have been the background on every Jets fan’s computer during 2006.

11 – 2015 Regular Season – Brandon Marshall Tying TD vs. Giants: The Jets had not beaten the Giants since 1993 so this 4th quarter comeback, culminating with Marshall’s touchdown that led to a OT victory was extra sweet for Jets fans. 2015 was a mirage of competence but provided a few great moments and beating a dysfunctional Giants team in their “home” was absolutely one of them.

10 – 2009 Divisional Round – Darrelle Revis intercepts Philip Rivers: The 2009 season was Darrelle Revis’ masterpiece and this interception put an exclamation point on arguably the greatest year for a cornerback in NFL history. Somehow, he plucked the ball off Vincent Jackson’s foot on this Philip Rivers jump ball to help the Jets upset the Chargers en route to the AFC Championship Game.

9 – 2009 Regular Season – Brad Smith’s QB Option vs Cincinnati: Brad Smith took over this one and put the Bengals away in the Jets final game at the old Giants Stadium, clinching them an improbable playoff appearance.

8 – 1998 Regular Season – Vinny Testaverde For The Win vs. Seattle 1998: The play that brought instant replay back! For one year, Testaverde was one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks and carried the Jets to a AFC East title. This 4th down sneak to cap a comeback victory over the Seattle Seahawks was one of the few times good fortune was on the Jets side, as they were awarded a touchdown they clearly didn’t score.

7 – 2000 Regular Season- Jumbo Elliot’s Miracle vs. Miami: One of the greatest comebacks in NFL history concluded with this ridiculous tackle eligible completion to Elliot from Testaverde. The Jets went on to win in overtime.

6 – 1998 AFC Championship Game – Blake Spence Block vs. Denver: For one brief moment it seemed like the New York Jets were going to the Super Bowl. Spence’s blocked punt paved the way for a 10-0 3rd quarter lead over the favored Denver Broncos. You know what happened next but that is for a different article.

5 – 2002 Wild Card – Richie Anderson To House vs. Colts: The Jets were unstoppable for most 2002 led by Chad Pennington. This Anderson screen pass kicked off a 41-0 massacre of Peyton Manning and the Colts in the Jets last home playoff game to this day.

4 – 2010 Divisional Round – David Harris Intercepts Tom Brady: The play that started the Jets greatest win of this millennium. New England was marching down the field on their opening drive until this Harris interception came out of nowhere to give the Jets a necessary shot of confidence. Even though this drive didn’t end with points (somehow), this play completely changed the direction of this game.

3 – 2009 Divisional Round – Shonn Greene Steamroll vs. San Diego: The knockout punch to San Diego was delivered by Greene who steamrolled Antonio Cromartie and then threw a little salt in the wound by mocking LT’s touchdown celebration. Ironically, all three would be teammates the following season. It is hard to overstate how exhilarating this play was as it happened.

2 – 2004 Wild Card – Chad Pennington Goes Deep vs. San Diego 2004: Pennington is arguably the Jets best quarterback in franchise history not named Joe Namath. This play was his greatest moment, as he dropped a picture perfect deep ball to Santana Moss and then flexed to the sidelines en route to a Jets road playoff victory.

1 – 2010 Divisional Round: Shonn Greene Sleeps vs. New England: The cap to the Jets best win of the millennium and probably their best win not named Super Bowl 3. Shonn Greene put the final nail in the coffin in front of a shocked Patriots sideline and crowd. How sweet it was.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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