New York Jets 2017 Schedule – 17 Thoughts

Joe Caporoso with 17 thoughts on the New York Jets 2017 schedule

17 thoughts on the New York Jets 2017 schedule, which only includes one primetime game and two non 1PM Sunday kickoffs…

Week 1 at Buffalo, 1PM – An opener between two teams who will be projected to finish 3rd and 4th in the AFC East. This feels like a Bills (-4.5) type line and an interesting measuring stick to see how the Jets compare to a AFC team who is expected to be average at best. Could this be Mitch Tubisky vs. Deshaun Watson? Probably not. We will have to settle for Josh McCown vs. Tyrod Taylor.

Week 2 at Oakland, 4PM – The Raiders will be a popular pick to challenge New England in the AFC and favorites to win their division. Unless something odd happens, this is the type of game the Jets will be 7-10 point underdogs in. They have stunk in Oakland even when they have been good.

Week 3 vs Miami, 1PM – The home opener! (The Jets had opened at home in week 1 every year since 2009). Miami has playoff expectations and dreams of threatening New England in the AFC East (they won’t). What is this crowd like if the Jets start 0-2 and are coming off a double digit loss to Oakland? Is this the Hackenberg starting debut if the team does start 0-2 and McCown continues to be…McCown?

Week 4 vs Jaguars, 1PM – Back to back at MetLife. This is one the few games the Jets may…may be favorites in. Bortles! Hackenberg! Marrone! Bowles! The NFL on CBS!

Week 5 at Browns, 1PM – (Slides on green shades and Curtis Martin jersey)…what if the Jets are 3-2 after this game? They can beat Jacksonville, Cleveland and manage a split versus Miami and Buffalo, right? RIGHT? I can already see myself writing a 1400 word article in early October about the Jets unexpectedly leading the wild card standings…

Week 6 vs. New England, 1 PM – The line is already set at 10, regardless of what happens between now and then. This the Patriots current list of offensive weaponzzz and it makes me sick: Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Dwayne Allen, Danny Amendola, Malcolm Mitchell, James White, Dion Lewis, Rex Burkhead, Mike Gillisee (soon), Chris Hogan, Brandin Cooks.

Week 7 at Miami, 1PM – Is this when Miami is a disappointing 3-3 to start the season and is contemplating the switch from Ryan Tannehill to Matt Moore?

Week 8 vs. Atlanta, 1PM – Who is ready for 1,000 articles on why the Jets should have hired Dan Quinn to be their Head Coach? Atlanta feels like the most primed team ever for a “we made the Super Bowl, had a gut wrenching loss and now will go 7-9” season.

Week 9 vs Buffalo, 8PM (TNF) – PRIMETIME! The new annual Thursday night tradition of Jets vs. Bills. The Kellen Davis Pirouette Bowl, if you will.

Week 10 at Tampa, 1PM  – If the Jets are as bad as expected this year, Tampa is an entertaining NFC team to root for. Jameis. Mike Evans. DeSean Jackson. The Muscle Hamster. A rising defense. They feel like 2017 NFC South Champs.

Week 11 BYE – If they haven’t made a quarterback switch yet, now would be the time to play the young pup or pups (?).

Week 12 vs. Carolina, 1PM – The last time Carolina came to New Jersey for the Jets, Jake Delhomme threw 4 interceptions and the Jets won 17-6 as Mark Sanchez went an epic 13/17 for 154 yards…MEMORIES.

Week 13 vs. Kansas City, 1PM – Andy Reid is going to draft Pat Mahomes and it is going to be fun as hell to watch.

Week 14 at Denver, 4PM – Trevor Siemian is not good.

Week 15 at New Orleans, 1PM – I don’t think Deshaun Watson gets by New Orleans in the NFL Draft.

Week 16 vs Los Angeles, 1PM – This already reminds me of Chargers vs. Jets in week 16 of the 2012 season…”GIVE MCELROY A CHANCE, YOU DON’T KNOW IF HE ISN’T GOOD YET, BRO”

Week 17 at New England, 1PM – I don’t think we will be seeing Tom Brady in this one…

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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