Initial Reaction – New York Jets Select Chad Hansen

Joe Malfa with initial reaction to the New York Jets selection of Chad Hansen

The New York Jets traded back in the 4th round from #125 to #141 and picked up an extra sixth round pick from the Los Angeles Rams. With their fourth round selection, the Jets selected California wide receiver Chad Hansen. 

The Positives: Hansen should have probably gone in the 3rd round so taking him in the 4th is a strong value pick. He was very productive in a pro-style system at Cal, catching passes from Jared Goff and Davis Webb. Hansen only had 249 yards and a TD in seven games as a sophomore, but he blossomed as a junior in 2016. He caught 92 passes for 1,249 yards and 11 TDs in 10 games. Hansen is a sharp route runner with good hands and a big frame. He did most of his work at Cal on the outside, but he can also have a lot of success over the middle. He could potentially be Eric Decker’s replacement in this offense.

The Negatives: With this pick, the negatives have more to do with the pick itself than with the player. Hansen has a lot of potential and will fit well into this system, but going with another receiver after taking ArDarius Stewart in the 3rd round is questionable. The Jets needed to add a WR in this draft, but they did not need to add one as high as the 3rd round, let alone two of them back-to-back in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

As far as the player, Hansen did not run the entire route tree at Cal, but he excels as a route runner so he shouldn’t have much trouble learning the new routes. It is just something to keep an eye on because he hasn’t run all the routes in the past.

Roster Waves: I mentioned that Hansen could be Eric Decker’s replacement. I don’t think that will happen immediately, but eventually that seems like it will be a natural transition. In the short-term, drafting Stewart and Hansen should put Devin Smith and Jalin Marshall on notice. Odds are one of them (if not both) doesn’t make the cut in 2017.

Overview: Hansen can be a solid pick for the Jets going forward, but taking a second receiver is much more of a head scratcher than taking two safeties. With needs at CB, EDGE and TE, opting for the second WR is questionable from Mike Maccagnan. The pick tells me, however, that he realizes this is a multi-year rebuild and he is focused on getting good football players in the building rather than filling all the needs at once.

Grade: C+

Photo Credit: The Daily Californian