TOJ Roundtable – Brandon Marshall Edition

The TOJ Roundtable talks about the release of New York Jets WR Brandon Marshall

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Give a few thoughts on the New York Jets decision to release Brandon Marshall..


Joe CaporosoThoughts here

Ryan Marcone It’s crazy to think that as recently as 2013, the position of wide receiver for the Jets was as barren and hopeless as that of pass rusher. Then in 2015 we were watching Brandon Marshall have the single greatest season for a receiver in Jets history across from Eric Decker. Not a bad return for a traded 5th round pick. While he suffered from “Rex Ryan Syndrome” in being too loyal to “his” guys (…I’m looking at you Fitzpatrick), his competitiveness and loyalty to the team was always appreciated. Marshall’s 2015 season honestly had me wondering if a guy could be eligible for the Ring of Honor off one single season.

Luckily for the Jets, and unfortunately for Marshall, the cupboard is no longer barren for the Jets at wide receiver and it serves the rebuild to let the young guys play. Best of luck with your next team, BMarsh!

Daniel Essen Brandon Marshall didn’t stay too long but he did provide tons of highlights, laughs, and maddening quotes. In 2015 he put together one of the best seasons of his career with 1502 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns (career high). It would’ve been awesome to see Marshall in the playoffs for the first time in 2015 but sadly those chances were thrown away. Though Marshall had a really disappointing 2016 season, one thing Jets fans can all agree on is that there’s never a dull moment with him on the roster. Hopefully he can experience his first playoffs on another team (preferably not New England) while the Jets rebuild.

Dalbin Osorio One year of top 5 ball, followed by a year where he struggled to get as open and got into screaming matches with his teammates. Brandon Marshall deserves some blame for last year’s debacle, but ALOT of credit for the 2015 season that yielded 10 wins and an almost playoff berth. He made the Jets fun again, and that alone deserves much respect. He was also, at times, the only leader on an offense that spiraled to mediocrity in large part because of the quarterback he supported. The cap space the Jets net should be used to better build the roster, and Marshall’s influence on the younger wide receivers should not be understated. For one year, he was still the best wideout to play for the Jets in a really long time and I think the Jets did a solid for him by releasing him instead of trading him. Marshall is going to torment New York fans when he signs with the Philadelphia Eagles next year. 

David Aitken Despite the disappointing 2016 and the embarrassing public backing of Ryan Fitzpatrick, I have nothing but respect for Marshall and enjoyed his time here. Almost everything positive the Jets did in 2015 offensively had Marshall at the center of it. Not only did he set several single-season Jets records, he helped Eric Decker have one of the better receiving seasons in Jets history as well and the two carried Ryan Fitzpatrick to the team’s single season passing touchdowns record. Now at 33-years-old, he has the freedom to choose where he’ll be playing his football for the first time in his career and hopefully can taste postseason action finally. I wish him the best of luck (just do us a favor and head back to the NFC!). He may have just lost 7.5 million from the Jets this upcoming season, but Ryan Fitzpatrick owes him 12 million dollars.

Jake Benaquisto Brandon Marshall came to the Jets in 2015 and quickly became the team’s best receiver in years. For a 5th round pick, he felt like a steal after a record breaking first season with the Jets. In 2016, however, the Jets’ offense regressed, and Marshall’s numbers saw a significant decline as well. With the Jets already moving on from many of their aging veterans, it makes a lot of sense to part ways with Marshall. The emergence of Quincy Enunwa and Robby Anderson last season made this decision a lot easier too, as the Jets now have a young core of receivers to build around for the future. This release also frees up 7.5 million of the Jets’ cap, which can be used to improve the weaker areas on the roster. In the past, Brandon Marshall has been known for being a distraction in the locker-room, but this was not the case in New York. Marshall was always a good teammate with the Jets, and he deserves to go chase a ring with a contender. 

Michael McLaughlin Think about how different the Jets offseason would be if the team had met its 2016 expectations. A playoff berth could have meant that Mangold, Fitzpatrick, Revis and now Marshall would be brought back for another run in 2017. Each player and the team as a whole, however, had disappointing seasons. So Marshall’s release marks one more big-name player gone from the team. As much as I loved Marshall’s dominance in 2015, it made little sense to pay someone who did not figure into the future of the team. Paying a wide receiver at his age $7.5 million is a luxury only contending teams can afford. And the 128 targets he received last year can now be used to develop the young wide receiver core. For him, he can sign with a team that can actually provide him one achievement that has eluded him: Making the playoffs.

John Hargaden What a season it was for Brandon Marshall in 2015, his first season wearing the green and white. Has over 1500 yards receiving and 14 TD’s. It was a season with his ups and downs however Marshall was one of the bright spots for the Jets. Coming into 2016 we all know how it went, the chemistry with Marshall and Fitzpatrick was not there and it was one of his worst seasons. The Jets at this point are in a complete rebuild mode and they give Marshall the opportunity to catch on with another team. With the rising abilities of Anderson, Enunwa etc it is time for the young kids to play and to see what they have. Thank you to Brandon Marshall for rocking the green and white and good luck! 

Nikki Charlesworth He may have only been at the Jets a relatively short time, but Marshall has definitely had a positive impact. 2016 was a clear disappointment following his record breaking first year in Green and White, but this was not wholly down to him. The offense in general could not click the way it did in 2015; the loss of Decker early on and Fitzpatrick’s poor performance played a role in Marshall’s declining numbers. However, there were also terrible decisions and a number of drops on his part and some clear frustration that things were not going well. Whereas off-field issues have affected Marshall in the past, this was not the case with the Jets, and he has proved himself a loyal teammate; publicly backing various players when things weren’t going so well. There is young talent on the roster at wide receiver, but even with the emergence of Quincy Enunwa last year, the loss of Marshall’s experience could still be a problem. However, you can’t argue with his wish to play for a contender as he reaches the later stages of his NFL career – I just have a horrible feeling he might end up in a Patriot’s uniform come 2018.

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