Episode 5 – Matt Coller, ESPN

Episode 5 of Slight Work – An interview with Matthew Coller, an ESPN radio host and hockey insider…

Episode 5 of Slight Work is now live! Today, we talk with Matthew Coller (@MatthewColler) of 1500 ESPN in the Twin Cities, who also is a hockey writer for ESPN Insider. Make sure to subscribe to our I-Tunes feed right here and leave us a review!

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Matt walks us through how he got his start in radio, production and writing, the day to day life of being a host, moving markets mid career and his opinions on the necessity of working for free when you first start out…

My first show that I had was a one hour weekend show just talking about hockey. I bought my own time for that, meaning I went out and solid it myself, went to businesses and things like that and got them to advertise with my show so I can pay the station to put me on….you have to find a way to separate yourself.

We also go through our weekly questions with Matt, which include…

  1. Best career advice you received?
  2. Most valuable skill set you have?
  3. One prediction about sports media industry in 2017
  4. Most annoying or frustrating thing about industry/your job?
  5. What is one carer orientated goal you have for the next 12 months or a skill set you want to learn?

Photo Credit: ESPN.com 

Author: Joe Caporoso

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