New York Jets Loss Tuesday, The Vent – Week 13

Joe Caporoso with yet another New York Jets loss vent

The New York Jets have now lost four straight games, dropping their record to 3-9. There are losses in football and there is what transpired last night…

The severity of the Jets embarrassment on national television has finally seemed to snap them into making moves they should have made 3-4 weeks ago. First off, Bryce Petty will be the starting quarterback for the final four games. Second, the Jets began veteran house cleaning today by releasing CJ Spiller and Jeremy Ross. These are baby steps but the Jets need to keep pushing with moves to begin gutting a losing culture that has not netted a playoff appearance since 2010.

Ryan Fitzpatrick should be inactive for the rest of the season. Any and every practice rep should be going to Petty and Christian Hackenberg, who should be dressing for every game. Whether you are optimistic or not about their long term chances here (this writer isn’t), give them every proper opportunity this final month.

Darrelle Revis should be inactive for the rest of the season. Send a message that showing up out of shape and giving minimal effort for nearly a full calendar year will not be tolerated going forward. Every rep he was playing should go to Juston Burris or Dexter McDougle. Revis should be cut in the offseason. Muhammad Wilkerson should be inactive for the rest of the season. Send him a message to for 2017, when he will still be part of this team. Shut him down now for a lackadaisical, lost season. Nick Mangold is banged up and should be shut down as well. The Jets will need to consider the necessity of keeping a 33 year old center for 9 million dollars next season. Let him go into the offseason healthy and listen to any potential trade offers for him.

If Sheldon Richardson is going to play with the effort level he did last night, continue to cut his reps. He is likely to be traded this offseason anyway, so don’t let him tank his value. On the defensive line, let Deon Simon and Anthony Johnson see increased playing time. On the offensive line, let Brandon Shell and Dakota Dozier work into playing time. Breno Giacomini is a goner, so why bother continuing to play him?

At receiver, funnel targets to Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson, Charone Peake, Jalin Marshall and Devin Smith, who should get a chance to be active. Manufacture touches for these guys and see who can handle it and who can’t. There is no use in throwing 12 passes per game to Brandon Marshall, who is somebody the Jets should have on the trade block next season.

Go young everywhere. At least most of these guys will play with energy and urgency. Right now the Jets just aren’t bad, they are hard to support. Who enjoys watching overpaid players, like Revis and Fitzpatrick, loaf around the field?

Next week’s game might be the worst one played in the NFL this season before the Jets finish with their three divisional opponents and enter an offseason where everybody is on notice.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • phshaw

    The sad part is it takes a crash and burn for these coaches to reach this point. Where is the strategic thinking? The irony is that Bowles may now need Petty to help save his job. If so, he could’ve avoided this scenario if he had acted when it became obvious at least 2 weeks ago. That scene last night was quite predictable. Leaders cannot afford to be rigid. Leaders cannot be afraid to deliver strong messages to underperforming employees. As Joe’s stated, there should be no sacred cows on this team. Job 1: Petty and Hackenberg takes 90% of the snaps in practice. Job 2: Continue to force feed Lee as the defensive signal caller even at the risk of breakdowns like what clearly happened last night. Finally, if your going to keep Bowles, make sure he gets a vote of confidence so that he can make these types of moves without the public distraction of the media. It’s the rare person who would make such ‘gutsy’ moves while knowing his job is in jeapordy. Personally, I’m unimpressed with him as a leader.

  • John C

    We can’t even find a “franchise” Punter!! How wilwe ever find a QB?!

  • John C

    I guess the Jets played Spiller and Ross last night, so other teams could evaluate them in case they might claim them. How nice of Bowles!

  • Phocion1

    Up until Monday night, there was a sense that the Jets were simply undermanned and that Bowles was at a disadvantage. But Monday proved that being a “players’ coach” and accepting veteran laziness and lack of competitive spirit for fear of losing an already lost locker room has made Bowles a very weak leader. “Players’ coaches” only work then the coach demands player discipline, teamwork, and dedication to the team, their teammates, and their organization.

    Mike must be given the authority to blow this dump up and start over..

  • Nep Oznat

    Totally agree with you, Joe. Bowles needs to realize the next 4 games are 2017 preseason games. Use them to give the young guys experience and evaluation material for coaches & Macc to figure out what they have and what they need.