TOJ Roundtable – Jets vs. Cardinals, Week 6 Edition

The TOJ Roundtable gives their predictions for Jets vs. Cardinals in week 6

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What are your predictions for the New York Jets vs. the Arizona Cardinals in week 6?

Joe Caporoso – This is a make or break game for the Jets, if their season isn’t broken already. Theoretically this is not a great match-up for them on paper. Arizona is a vertical passing team. The jets cannot defend the vertical passing game. Arizona has an opportunistic defense. Ryan Fitzpatrick can be a turnover machine. However, the Cardinals have struggled this season, mainly because Carson Palmer is regressing to the mean. The Jets will have opportunities to create some turnovers and similar to Buffalo, the Cardinals won’t hesitate to blitz the Jets and man up their receivers on the outside. The Jets need to win the turnover battle and win on 50/50 balls. I think Monday night you see the Jets have a kick of life in what will likely be a let down season overall with a surprising 24-23 victory.

David Aitken – The Cardinals are a 2-3 football team with their fair share of issues so on the surface the Jets should feel better about this one than we did about the last two weeks. But honestly, I felt a lot better about Pittsburgh, even having to play them coming off their awesome performance versus Kansas City, than I did about this Arizona matchup. The Jets still got decimated versus Pittsburgh, but the Jets at least were able to move the ball to an extent versus the Steelers. Just like the Pittsburgh passing offense was a matchup nightmare for the Jets pass defense last week, the Jets pass offense is running into another huge problem next Monday with Arizona’s pass defense. Arizona may be struggling in other areas, but this is still an elite pass defense. If you’re placing bets, next Monday probably isn’t going to be the night that Ryan Fitzpatrick *finally* has a good performance against a quality pass defense.


Even with Carson Palmer, the Cardinals passing offense has struggled a lot more than they did last year where Palmer was in the MVP conversation for a while. It’s a nice group to face if you’re a struggling unit trying to get back on track, but is the Jets pass defense a talented group getting off to a rough start or are they just objectively bad? This looks a lot more like Arizona is facing the slump buster, and not the Jets.

It just feels like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. This just isn’t a good matchup for the Jets – traveling across the country, great pass defense, and woefully unable to defend a good passing attack. 24-13 Cardinals.

Kevin Zielaznicki – After a ROUGH two weeks, the Jets are looking to rebound against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football. The Cardinals, one of the most popular Super Bowl picks prior to the start of the season, have been a disappointment so far. Their offense has struggled to move the ball consistently through the air but future star RB David Johnson has picked up the slack with his play-making ability. I have a feeling that Johnson will have a big day against the Jets, who have proved they are susceptible to big plays. Against the Cardinals, I have no reason to expect that the Jets will turn it around. Like David said above, this just isn’t a good match-up for the Jets. Jets lose another one 27-10 and fall to 1-5.


John Hargaden – Man, it ain’t easy being green. On the prime time stage Monday night the Jets travel cross country to Arizona to face the Cardinals. Going into this game I have worries left and right.  For the last few weeks Arizona has struggled just like us and has not had their starting QB Carson Palmer due to injury.  However it sounds like he is making strides and will be playing on Monday. To be brutally honest I do not believe their are many match-ups that the Jets could exploit.  If there is one, it will be the Jets defensive line causing havoc and getting after Palmer. However for the last few weeks the DL has not shown up or caused much pressure as well with the exception of Leonard Williams who already has 5 sacks. This Cardinals passing game terrifies me, I believe that John Brown is going to torch the secondary on multiple occasions and this game is going to get out of control and the Jets will be 1-5 and the season will be spiraling out of control. Cardinals 31 Jets 14

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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