TOJ Pick Six – New York Jets, Week Pre-Game 3 Edition


Welcome to this week’s edition of the TOJ Pick Six. This week, we asked you 6 questions on Twitter with the 6 best answers making the article this week. Thanks for all the replies. Let’s take this one back…

1. Biggest surprise through two games for the Jets this year?

Has to be offensive line play. Even more so than Quincy and revis. Hands down. Run blocking and pass pro have been exceptional.-Tadgho78

2. If you could take one player from the Chiefs and put him on the Jets, who would it be and why?

Justin Houston. I know he’s hurt/easy answer but could you imagine this jets D with a pass rush OLB of that caliber.-@billymcphee

Eric Berry or Marcus Peters, both remove backend stress in different ways & = 2 Jet blowouts. Honorable mention Kelce because Jet TEs.-@Zingerfor3

3. One adjustment you’d make this week if you were Todd Bowles?

play lee a lot and maybe play miles in the box. Underneath zones NO MAN COVERAGE thou-@JimboSlice_

gimmie more Powell-@Javi_Sobrino62

4. Biggest disappointment through two games for the #ets?

Only Revis can fit this. I was hoping for an All Pro season from him. Also, waiting for more big plays from Pryor.-VitorPaivaM

5. One free agent you wish the #Jets had signed and one free agent you’re glad they didn’t sign?

Josh Sitton & Osweiler-@JPens4Real21

I wish they nabbed cro, I’m  glad they didn’t sign any other qbs-@jetsfan29

6. Where do you rank the #Jets in the AFC after two weeks? Does a win over Kansas City on Sunday change that?

Top 10, and yes I think a win in Arrowhead would be a statement from the Jets. 2-1 with 2 road wins would be hugely impressive.-@TommyToast1983

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