Jets vs. Chiefs — Offensive Report Card

Joe Malfa with an offensive report card for the New York Jets vs. the Kansas City Chiefs

Here is Joe Malfa with grades for the Jets’ offensive performance against the Chiefs…


For the most part, people who are Jets fans are also Mets fans because of the time the Jets spent at Shea Stadium. If I told you on Sunday morning that one of your favorite teams would put up 17 and the other would put up just three, it would have been safe to bet that the 17 would belong to the Jets and the three would belong to the Mets. Right? RIGHT?!?! Wrong.

The Jets offense is an absolute mystery. The Mets — THE NEW YORK METS — outscored the Jets by 14 just one week after a record setting outing against the Bills. Last week, I gave everyone on the offense at least an “A,” but you will only see one “A” this week.

Individual Positions:

Ryan Fitzpatrick — F — 20/44, 188 yards, 0 TDs, 6 INTs

Terrible. Simply terrible. I am just going to leave it at that — the stat line tells you all you need to know. I would rather not relive his performance, nor do I want to force you to read about it in depth.

Matt Forte — B — 15 carries, 65 yards; 2 catches, -1 yard

In a week where the offense was anemic, Forte was one of two bright spots. The team went down early so the offense was forced to keep the ball in the air, but Forte made the most of his touches (4.3 yards per carry).

Bilal Powell — A — 4 carries, 30 yards; 6 catches, 41 yards

Give. This. Man. The. Ball. It’s like Chan Gailey forgot how good Powell is and how important he was to the offense last year. He had six more yards on 10 touches than Forte had on 17 touches.

Quincy Enunwa — B- — 4 catches, 37 yards

For the 2nd time in three weeks, Enunwa has led the WRs in catches and yardage. His blocking abilities have flown under the radar, but he is just as important in the run-game as he is in the passing-game.

Brandon Marshall — D — 3 catches, 27 yards


I know part of the issue was the nightmarish performance by Fitz, but Marshall was outplayed by Marcus Peters. It is not necessarily a knock on Marshall because Peters is one of the rising CBs in the game, but Marshall needs to be more effective if this offense is going to consistently put points on the board.

Eric Decker — F — 1 catch, 31 yards

In a game where Fitz threw the ball 44 times, the fact that Decker only had one catch is unfathomable. Decker cannot just have one catch — that is losing football.

Jalin Marshall — F — 3 catches, 45 yards

Another week, another fumble by Marshall that was returned for a TD. It did not seem like the Jets were going to get back into the game anyway, but the fumble gave the Chiefs a 17-0 lead and pretty much sealed the deal. I am against benching him because he has shown his potential and a benching may stunt his growth, but the fumbles need to stop.

Offensive Line — B+

The offensive line remained steady on Sunday. They did not allow a sack, but Fitz was under pressure on several occasions and hit four times. Hopefully the consistency from the o-line continues in the coming weeks.

Overall Offensive Grade: F

Mets – 17

Jets – 3

That is the easiest way to sum up why I am giving them an “F” overall.

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