No Huddle – New York Jets Rise Up Edition

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Who knows where the Jets improbable 23-20 OT magical comeback win against their big brother Giants will lead? Maybe it’s the start of a magic carpet ride. Maybe it’s just some happy dust that will sadly evaporate on the franchise one week later, as it has so many times to Jets teams before. For one day though, even if it’s just one, this was as great a feeling for die-hard Jets fans as there could be. Constantly mocked by their local Giants fan neighbors.

It wasn’t perfect. No no no. Far from it. Penalties kept too many drives alive. Offsides on a punt. Willie Colon flagged for talking smack? My goodness. Holding in the secondary. You name it, the Jets committed fouls that kept the Giants offense on the field, especially for that endless drive in the late third quarter early fourth. It was maddening.

Emotions ran high on the field though. Some of the chippy stuff was understandable. Everyone involved wanted this one. For the fan base. For personal bragging rights. Most importantly for playoff purposes.

Then reliable Giants kicker Josh Brown came out and lined up to tie it up for Big Blue in OT. From 48 yards. Wide right!. Game over. We’ve all seen the Jets lose this type of game in crushing fashion over. And over. And over. That’s where the “Same Old Jets” comes from. Sunday the Giants borrowed the phrase. We were all happy to lend it to them. 7-5 and still alive. Live for the moment . Enjoy it.

It all Started When…

Tom Coughlin decided to go for it. The Giants were up 20-10 with 8:00 left. The Jets defense was on the field for what felt like hours. It was 13:00 or so, right?  Me? I would’ve gone for the field goal. The Jets were dead tired on D. Desperate on offense, and not deserving of any life. Down two touchdowns after drive extending miscues, couldn’t you just see the Jets losing composure and forcing the ball into a high risk place for the big play payoff only to see it tipped and picked off? Instead, the Jets knew only one end zone trip was needed. Big difference.

We all know how it went in OT. Perhaps none of the craziness that ensued during the epic comeback would have happened had they been down two TDs. I know it may come off as some Monday morning QB talk that’s easy to say from here, but it’s true. For the Giants, foregoing the field goal at that point in time didn’t seem worth the risk. Score wise or momentum wise.

We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day

You know the David Bowie song. Don’t you? Down 20-10 with less than 8:00 left, time was running out. The Giants had already showcased their big play guys. Odell Beckham (doing his Victor Cruz 2010 imitation, 72 yards for a TD). Dwayne Harris (c’mon special teams. Stop it already). It was now or never for the Jets skill guys. Gang Green was staring down three do or die drives in the face.

Then the four went to work. First downs after first down. Clutch third downs too. Decker (101 yards receiving) worked in between the hashes. Providing key third down grabs in traffic. Marshall got it I going outside. Bilal Powell who was a factor all day, gained yardage underneath. By the time the Jets took a 23-20 lead, Ryan Fitzmagic had walked the tightrope yet lived to tell the tale. Racking up 390 yards in the process.

The Jets don’t have an Odell Beckham. Nobody does. Instead they leaned on the beard, a pair of star wideouts in their own right, and a running back who has done nothing but produce positive plays as a Jet when called upon.

Quick Hits

– A return for touchdown and short kickoff made Dwayne Harris a killer yesterday. The Jets are going nowhere fast if they don’t clean up those big special teams plays going against them this season.

– You gotta hand it to the Jets secondary. No Darrelle Revis, no Marcus Williams, and staring down the barrel of a gun with Odell Beckham. ODB burned them once but all else was contained. By the way, against a very limited Jets pass rush. Mike Catapano got hurt after a sack and Lorenzo Mauldin was held in check. The new young duo were great last week and hopefully Catapano is OK, because both will be needed down the stretch. The inside beasts just don’t get to the QB from the outside. The kids provide hope .

– Speaking of which, great job by the Jets interior. Now the Giants are no great rushing team but when push came to shove, Snacks Harrison, Mo Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson shut the ground game down and gave the Jets the ball back with enough time to tie the game.

– Mo Wilkerson missed the first quarter. Disciplinary reasons. Missed a morning meeting. Todd Bowles runs a tight ship. Don’t cross him like that. Even if it is the Giants, and a must win.

– Sheldon Richardsom was quoted as saying this was “just one win.” For the fan base no. The 2015 Jets, yes. His was more reiterated Bowles speak. Not too high, not too low.

– Brandon Marshall said security made him walk around the stadium. Road team. Okay so the Jets covered the Giants trophies in 2010 and Marshall had to go the long way home. Same end result.

– Marshall again. He told reporters after that he said to Fitzmagic before the Josh Brown game tying FG attempt in OT “We’ve bounced around from team to team. The football gods are hearing us right now..he’s going to miss this kick.’ How great is that?

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