No Huddle – New York Jets At Crossroads Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets season at a crossroads

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The Paris attacks have certainly changed the mood here in New York City and all over the world since Friday. The Jets drama last Thursdsy night at home with the Bills and Rex are just too trivial in comparison to rant and rave about without acknowledging how silly we all are. You know, getting upset over the weekly chess match of bumper brains. But hey, that’s why we love our teams and the games: They take us away from the unsolvable problems of the world. The hatred, the fighting, the senseless endless cycles of killing.

Today’s No Huddle comes to you with a heavy heart and priorities in place. As we step out of the new reality that no venue or cafe is safe, back into our little Jet world. Our Green and White land of comfort. Where only red zone gaffes with the game on the line can hold our worst fears and nightmares. A preferred topic of discussion that provides emotional release and relief that we are all too thankful for.

In One Hundred Words Or Less…

Thursday was: 1 – The ineptitude of the Rex era, and his no timeouts with 10:46 left, vs the recent pattern of odd late game management in the Bowles era – 2. A recurring storyline sprinkled throughout Jet history and folklore: Relinquishing control of a game, followed by a big deficit, before an exciting comeback that falls short in some never seen before type of way. 3 -Further proof that even with their clear talent upgrade this offseason, the Jets suffer from what they still don’t have. A tight end for example. 4 – A painful and personal loss. 5 – A self inflicted one.

What I Meant Was…

I was “attacked” on Twitter following the game Friday morning for saying these Jets lack the consistency to run the table in January so “what does a wildcard entry really mean?” It was a poor choice of wording by me. Playoff races are fun and bring meaning to seasons. They can be accomplishments and stepping stones in their own right. After all, not everyone has Tom Brady. Not every team has the pieces in place to win it all now.

What I meant was, let’s all step back from the ledge here. Yes, the loss hurt, especially the way it happened. From the turnovers like the Devin Smith fumble, to the comeback, to Kellen Davis.

Losing to Rex Ryan in that way, with his “you can’t have me back” comment post game only irritated some diehards even more too. Knowing we stuck with HIM all the way through thick and thin even while he stuck with Jet quarterbacks too long some seasons, even when he gave us Tony Sparano.

I was trying to say let’s try and enjoy the season for what it is. A bumpy ride that will bring even more highs and lows. These Jets are flawed, but entertaining and worth watching once again.

They have veteran playmakers in Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall, and some talented younger players like emerging OLB Lorenzo Mauldin too. Ryan Fitzmagic may not be the next Joe Namath, but he’s exciting. The beard leads the team, can rally the team, and is a major upgrade in competence over what we’ve endured the past, geez, how many years has it been?

Enjoy the rocky ride. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the good surprises. That’s what’s it’s about too.

That’s what I WANTED to say but of course like a Jet last Thursday, I didn’t run the play right. I threw a bubble screen behind the line of scrimmage at the worst time. I bumped into Eric Decker on a wide open fade route for the game winning touchdown. I botched the kick return. I couldn’t tackle Shady McCoy when I had to. It happens. On to Houston.

Quick Hits

– Mo Wilkerson was a beast out there. Better pay him Mike Macc.

– Stop it with the Devin Smith bashing. Just keep easing him into the offense. At his pace. He can still help out even if it’s for one key catch stretching the seam every week.

His kickoff return fumble was borne out of a guy with limited chances trying too hard to make a play. That’s all. He has struggled so far in his rookie year and yes, he forced it. If you were a young player and felt you were better than you’ve been playing yet now got one touch a game as a result, and were dying for more, you might not have taken a knee either.

– The Jets and Giants should perform an exorcism on that end zone today. Kellen Davis. Odell Beckham. Haha yes I just used those two in the same sentence. Some weird juju is going on in there. Two games decided in wild ways over four days? Call the priest guys.

– The Jets gift wrapped that game but Shady McCoy was tremendous! His vintage self. Chip Kelly, explain to me again why you had to deal him. I still don’t get it.

– Rontez Miles, from UDFA, to major injuries, to starting at safety in prime item, great job kid! Welcome to the league. Tackles on the run in the box. Active in coverage. Congratulations.

– The Jets are 5-4 and play the Texans next week. The wildcard cushion they would have owned with a win over Buffalo is gone. Every game is a playoff game now. A lot of teams are bunched together at the five six seed. Sometimes all a team can ask for is to be in position to control one’s destiny and make a run. The Jets earned that. Let’s see how they take care of the opportunity they’ve worked hard to obtain.