New York Jets Passing Game Breakdown, Week 11

Joe Caporoso breaks down the New York Jets passing game in their week 11 loss to the Houston Texans

We are back with another edition of the New York Jets passing game breakdown. You can check out last week’s edition right here. Due to the holiday and travel this week, we will be a little briefer than usual and you can trust us it is a good thing. The Jets had an ugly all around performance against the Houston Texans in a losing cause and nowhere were they uglier than throwing and attempting to catch the football. Feel free to leave any comments/questions below or over on Twitter. On to the #TAPE…

Ryan Fitzpatrick has a bad habit of staring down his receivers and per-determining where he is throwing the football. Both of his interceptions were a result of this and look like nearly identical plays. We saw a slant route nearly picked against Buffalo the week before and it was only a matter of time until this happened.

On the other interception, his eyes never leave Smith on his slot corner route leading to an easy play for the defender.

Fitzpatrick also missed a few open targets, namely Eric Decker. On the below 3rd and 20, Quincy Enunwa clears out a dig route for Decker who is open for a first down but for some reason Fitzpatrick throws to the clear out route in double coverage, instead of hitting in stride for a huge play/conversion.

Later on a potential game tying drive, he throws Enunwa into the safety and a near interception despite having Decker open on a 2nd and 5 for the first down (look at the whip route at the 45 yard line).

Finally, he does go to Decker here who is open to move the chains but one hops the in-cut which broke free underneath the coverage. This drive should have allowed the Jets to take the lead before halftime.

With a few better throws and decisions, Decker could have been looking at a 140-150 yard day at the office…but he did still made this insane catch on 3rd and 1. Keep balling, #87.

Fitzpatrick made his share of mistakes but wasn’t helped by two critical drops. The first by Brandon Marshall on a well thrown deep ball. Marshall’s amount of plays left on the field the past 5 games has slowed down the Jets offense substantially and this team won’t improve until he gets back to being the player he was in September. This has to be a catch 10/10 times.

Here, Devin Smith runs right by impressive rookie CB Kevin Johnson and his 8 yard cushion and is en route to making the people who liked this pick look smart (HI DEVIN!) but he loses concentration and has a brutal drop of a should be touchdown. Smith is clearly in his own head right now and looks like a player with no confidence.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • David

    Thanks for this breakdown. Really surprised you don’t have a ton of people commenting on your site. Now that I’m looking for a new site, I’ll be sure to start visiting more often!

  • a57se

    Hate to tell you this but all the top QB’s in this league pre-determine where they are throwing the ball.
    How do yu think they get the ball out in under 2.5 secionds? They read the defense pre-snap and determine then where they a re going.
    Fitz just isn’t as good as the top QB’s at it.
    Pretty sure we ALL knew that coming into the season so I really don’t see the point in harping on it every week.
    The drops were more problematic then Fitz’ shortcomings to me.

  • a57se

    SNY has totally screwed up TJB…there may be a new option next week.

  • RONBO19

    57, I think its a combination of both. No question the drops have been brutal! But the more we see of Fitz the more we are reminded of why we are now his 6th team in 11 years. The guy has the heart of a lion and the arm of a wet noodle! Its time for a change in my not so humble opinion.

  • a57se

    Change for changes sake is not how you run a football team. Bowles and Co. are trying to win. If they had faith in Geno, he’d be in there. They don’t and he’s on the bench where he belongs.

  • John Hunter

    However, what separates the great/good QBs from Fitz is the ability to manipulate the coverage with his eyes. It’s equivalent to a no look pass on the basketball court. The best QBs do this the best, the easiest QBs to pick off is the ones who lack this skill set. Fortunately for us this season is Fitz hasn’t been as bad as we’ve been accustomed to from Geno & Sanchez, but he still falls victim to the this same very common mistake, we just haven’t been killed by it resulting in pick 6s.

  • RONBO19

    Nobody’s talking about change for the sake of change. My point is its not working now! The old quote usually attributed to our old friend Albert about doing the same thing over and over applies here today. We agreed earlier that “if it aint broke don’t fix it ” but hello, its freak’n busted! Now, whether its Geno or even the kid if Fitz stinks it up this week something needs to change. Obviously Geno is not on anybody’s wish list but the fact is had Marshall hung on to two passes in the end zone our boy would have had a 4 TD day and he would probably be the starter the last three weeks.

  • a57se

    and a couple of INTS were caused by our receivers…the blade cuts both ways and tends to even out.

  • a57se

    Fitz hasn’t been stinking it up…Fitz has been Fitz, that’s my whole point.

  • John Hunter

    Which is my point exactly. That was part 2 of my comment, what about your thoughts about my 1st part regarding the eye manipulation vs staring down targets?

  • a57se

    Haven’t seen Fitz do that much but the good ones do.
    He is smart enough to do it but I don’t think he sees the field real well.
    He has maxed out his capabilities through his intelligence…
    Pretty sure we agree on all this!

  • John Hunter


  • RONBO19

    57, Well, to my way of thinking, when you throw well under 50% two weeks in a row and miss as many open receivers as he has, that’s stinking it up. His completion %, yardage, QBR, rate him in the mid 20’s and with only 32 teams and 32 starters that’s not a recipe for success. As you and I generally agree I think this is one of those times where we simply agree to disagree. LOL!
    Have a great Thanksgiving my friend!

  • John C

    Not to defend Fitz too strongly, because he does stare down receivers, and has thrown quite a few uncatchable balls, etc., but, in that third Gif, I think it is possible that Decker gave up on the route. It doesn’t look like he’s running full steam, and he could have “intercepted” that ball himself, if he went hard for it. It is possible that Fitz thought he would get it, as it wasn’t really all that high either. Marshall’s drops have been killers though, even more so, because when your “star” receiver let’s you down, it has to sap some energy from the team.