New York Jets Loss Monday – The Vent, Week 11

Joe Caporoso with a vent on the New York Jets week 11 loss to the Houston Texans

Another loss. Another vent. Thoughts on the New York Jets 24-17 loss to the Houston Texans…

Cut Coples: The New York Jets made a head turning decision today to cut 2012 first round pick Quinton Coples. Since being selected, Coples has been ineffective, inconsistent and sluggish. He struggled to find a true role in either Rex Ryan or Todd Bowles’ defense and this season was providing no value, as both Lorenzo Mauldin and Trevor Reilly were bringing more overall to the roster.

Coples is a poster child for a disastrous 2012 draft class, which similar to the 2009 and 2010 class netted zero effective NFL starters. The Jets are still paying the price for how poorly they drafted in 2009-2012, a stretch that netted one plus starter (Muhammad Wilkerson). Unfortunately, 2013 and 2014 don’t project to adding much more overall outside of Sheldon Richardson and Calvin Pryor. There is still potential for players like Jace Amaro, Quincy Enunwa and maybe one or two others but overall the Jets have 6 years of weak drafting to dig themselves out of, which is why it is silly to be ready to throw in the towel on any part of this new regime after 10 games with a .500 record.

The mid-season cut of Coples puts the rest of the locker room on notice and is actually taking action when it comes to ineffective players. This isn’t likely the only move we will see, as there could be more lineup changes coming, particularly on defense.

FitzAverage: Ryan Fitzpatrick was always going to be the quarterback he has been for a decade in the NFL. He is a below average to average starter who turns the ball over frequently. The most popular trait he has with many Jets fans is that he isn’t Geno Smith. The difference in win total would be negligible with Fitzpatrick or Smith were under center the rest of the way. This team is only going to start winning again if Brandon Marshall, Chris Ivory and the offensive line improve and the defense finds some juice off the edge and starts forcing turnovers again. Fitz is Fitz, he isn’t changing at this point of his career.

Past Due Time: To further roll back Demario Davis’ reps and to play Marcus Williams more than Antonio Cromartie. Lorenzo Mauldin also needs to be in the 20-30 snaps per game range. The Jets badly need any type of infusion of speed on defense.

Different Level: Mo Wilkerson is an awesome football player but you saw yesterday why he doesn’t deserve JJ Watt money.

The Thompkins Tale: There was some anger yesterday that Kenbrell Thompkins wasn’t active under the misconception it was at the hands of Devin Smith. He wasn’t active because Quincy Enunwa was back from suspension. Thompkins was playing the H-Back/WR hybrid role that Enunwa usually played while he was out. He was also coming off an awful effort against Buffalo. I can promise you if Thompkins was active yesterday, it has no impact on the Jets winning or losing.

Damn You Devin: Smith has had a nightmare rookie year and it looks like his confidence is completely shaken as he dropped a pass he caught repeatedly at Ohio State that should have been a touchdown. I won’t write Smith off as a bust until we are well into his second NFL season/early in his third season, no matter how badly people want to paint him as Stephen Hill 2.0. Smith was 5x the player Hill was in college and it is too early to write him off in New York.

Speaking Of Writing Offs: The Jets could lose out and I wouldn’t be “out” on the new regime after one season because I’m insanely patient and will give them more than one season to undo four years of non-playoff, mediocre football.

That Being Said: This coaching staff started strong the first five games and has been counter-punched the past five. They are under the microscope and it is critical to show some type of positive response in this final stretch run of games.

The Silver Linings: Leonard Williams had 3 quarterback hits yesterday. Marcus Williams has been involved in 5 turnovers this season. Both Calvin Pryor and Bilal Powell looked great in their returns. Eric Decker continued to ball out.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • John Hunter

    When you look at when Fitz threw most of his ints they appear to come after plenty of good that was deluded by uncharacteristic drops from our bread & butter. Bottom line, he hasn’t killed us like we’ve been accustomed to seeing from our last two starting QBs.

    We can’t even put the noodle arm label on him no more with all these deep breadbasket drops for TDs.

    Extend Ryan Fitzpatrick, he deserves it.

  • John Hunter

    Monday Night Football; Rex is down 10 to the Brady Bunch; and 1 time out at the beginning of the 4th……….LMAO!

  • Drew D

    Lets talk some issues.
    – Marshall. He has dropped at least 3-5 TD passes. Costly ones too. Fitz has dropped so many nice passes to him and he has dropped a lot of other 20-40 yard bombs. This goes back to the very first game of the year where Marshall dropped one. Dont get me wrong, we dont have 4, let alone 5 wins without him.

    -Fitz has not been the same since hurting his hand. This coaching staff needs to stop messing around and let Geno ride this thing out. If Marshall, Kellen Davis (cant believe im typing this dude’s name) and Smith catch their HR balls, we may be singing a different tune. But Fitz blew 2 opportunities on Sunday, and that’s that.

    -Lets be honest, Bowles is a rookie HC. He will have his mistakes, but cmon, take Demario Davis out. He has giving up at least a TD in half of the games this year. He is missing way too many tackles, taking poor angles, etc.

    -Revis is still a phenomenal corner. Every corner gets beat. He may need a little Safety help over the top vs the top 2-5 receivers in the league. Revis will still be a top 5 corner for another year at LEAST. Personally, I love what Marcus Williams in bringing to the table.

    -LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Jace Amaro. I really would love to know why he was not put on the IR instead of Ridley. Jace Amaro is a far better player than Ridley. Ridley got activated to the roster and has barely played the past few weeks. Laughable. Bowles was treating him some type of way during the off-season; Jace Amaro can’t be that bad of a person.

  • RONBO19

    John, oh,oh, your gonna get Joey pissed off and going on a Rex rant again!

  • RONBO19

    John, I can understand your feeling regarding Fitz getting an extension as he has not butt fumbled yet and he doesn’t pout and sit alone on the side lines. That said, he has pretty much done what his football card says he does. He has steadily regressed and its not looking like a reversal in imminent. Granted Marshall has now dropped as many key passes as he has TD’s and Devon Smith has been as useful as a pair off 44D cups on a broom stick. I’ll grant you he’s game and he’s never a dull moment but the jets inability to throw deep is at least partially responcible for the problems in the running game and between Fitz and Smith, I don’t see this problem going away while they are on the field together. Is it Bryce Petty time?

  • John Hunter

    It’s hard to claim regression when there’s clear evidence that explains the drop off in passing production. You can’t just gloss over those crucial TD drops by Marshall & Smith, and Decker has had his big moment 3rd & 4th down breadbasket drops of his own. Plus, Fitz claim to fame with us has always been contingent on the success of our run game that somehow found itself depending on the effectiveness of a freaking H-Back.

    The undeniable fact is Fitz has done more than what was expected of him, and his partners in crime haven’t held up their end of the bargain.

    More importantly, his mistakes are not what’s killing our success, it’s usually icing on a cake that we already lost.

  • RONBO19

    John, again, I always respect your thoughts and you make some excellent points. Part of the problem is the bar has been set to low.
    Coming in after Mark and Geno that bar was pretty low. Nobody disdains drops more than I do. I was a college QB so believe me, they are killers. My problem with Fitz is the amount of inaccurate throws he makes is at least equally responsible as the drops. Additionally, he constantly comes up short on the deep ball forcing the receivers to come back and fight for the ball in heavy traffic. So far Devon Smith has not been up to the task and Marshall and Decker have been about 50-50 on those passes. Opposing defenses pick up on these problems and are content to play man coverage so they can put the extra defender in the box to play the run or the slants Fitz relies on.

  • RONBO19

    John, yeah, I made that mistake last week and he never gives up!LOL! Geez, I wish he was coaching our receivers. maybe his tenacity would rub off on some of them? LOL!

  • John Hunter

    First of all that 50/50 is way too generous in favor of the dynamic dual, which automatically indirectly adds more fault in the direction of Fitz than he deserves. Moments magnifies drops, therefore, Marshall/Decker/Smith has been one big magnifying glass when it comes to dropping the wrong ball at the wrong time (KILLERS). Those drops are usually the passes Fitz is making to make up for his previous inaccurate throws that fortunately didn’t result in the ever so familiar (Geno Sanchez) pick 6s. It only usually result in an incomplete pass that allows us to live for another play or possession. I can live with that from our STOP GAP VETERAN QB.

    Just about every single loss we suffered was a result in a big drop or no run attack or something else other than Fitz throwing the nail in our coffin.

  • RONBO19

    John, I hope your a lawyer! LOL! If not you missed your calling. I suppose if the price was right and he would be content as a b/u I could see him back next year. I do hope we can come up with a much better option. After watching Tom Brady pretty much beat Rex’s counterfeit Bills almost single handedly, its got to be clear to even the most dense that the QB position is the key to winning football. Good grief, the Bills were completely healthy, the Pats had their top three receivers out and numbers 4 and 5 went down during the game and the Pats were playing with 5 back up O-linemen and they still beat Rex’s boys! Some one pointed out above that the Bills were down to their last time out late in the third quarter. pathetic!

  • jdon48

    If I am the Jets I tell Decker and Marshall to rest their bruises. Then I throw every passing rep to Devin Smith and Quincy Enunwa this week. They are absolutely useless to us continually dropping thee ball. A JUGS machine won;t get it done. Work them to death in practice.

  • John C

    My faith in Macc and Boles was waning – until they cut Coples!! Good to see that they aren’t afraid to cut a slacker, even if he is a 1st round pick (though he was someone else’s).

  • expat1007

    As you Ron or someone else said yesterday, it wouldn’t be wise to rush Petty. I was all for giving him experience this year, but rushing it could cause confidence problems as pointed out. Giving him another year on the bench, watching the scheme might really be wise. And, I think John is right when he says give Fitz another year. It would be great if we could trade Geno in the off season and pick up Drew Brees, if he becomes available at the end of the season.

  • RONBO19

    expat, I do think Petty might be best served sitting this year but at some point if we are out of it I would like to see what he’s learned and how much progress he’s made. As for dumping Geno I am hoping we can at least get some return on our investment for him?
    As for Fitz, as a back up fine. Honestly, I’ve seen all I want to see of him. My man John is still on him but to me he is what he is,mediocre!

  • John Hunter

    Don’t get it twisted, I’m on him in the sense of being what he is (a decent stop gap vet who happens to be the best QB on the roster). When next season arrives, I don’t anticipate seeing him as our starter again. I expect somebody anybody to be able to win the starting job over him. But in order to do that, Fitz has set a competitive bar to overcome in order to pass him on the depth chart.

  • RONBO19

    John, oooops, my bad! I was seeing a little bromance with you guys? LOL! No, we are on the same page on this one buddy! Just bust’n you a little! Have a great turkey day!

  • a57se

    Your evaluation of Devin Smith coming out of college was faulty.
    He was more raw than Stephen Hill as he couldn’t even get on the field most of the time.

  • a57se

    Agreed. People can’t seem to get it through their thoughts that Fitz is a STOPGAP.
    He is never going to be a good NFL QB. He isn’t going to get better and become Kurt Warner or Rch Gannon.
    He gives us a chance to win every game. The defense has to stop giving up TD’s right after we score like they did in Houston.
    The WR’s have to make the plays when they are there.
    Fitz only has so many magic bullets in his arsenal.

  • expat1007

    Ron, yes Fitz is just average, but better than Geno and you posted elsewhere Brees as another stop gap really won’t help us in the long run. I guess I want a quick fix and sadly my thinking was like that of picking up Favre when his tank was near empty. Didn’t know you were a QB in college until your post here. Oh, Ron, this is Howard. I appear here as Expat because this blog uses Disqus as the gateway. Not speechless now that it’s morning here.

  • RONBO19

    Howard, Yeah I knew it was you. I’m getting a little long in the tooth but my power’s of deduction are still good enough to figure out the obvious. I recognized the photo and the good logic. This is blog is much better than the Radar because most of the people who post here know what they are talking about so I don’t need to explain stuff to anybody here. .I don’t thing Fitz is as good, let alone better than Geno. At least not physically. Its a shame Brandan Marshall dropped those two TD passes in the game Geno filled in. With 4 TD passes Bowels would have likely given Geno a start. Now, I have no idea how he would do but Fitz’s ceiling is just too low. My feeling is we are going nowhere with him under center but down!

  • expat1007

    Ron, physically, Geno may be stronger, but his inability to stay calm under pressure has made him such horror to watch. He hasn’t seemed to get past that rookie panic mode in tight spots. This is why I thinks Fitz is better. I do believe as you that there is no real future with either, and I respect your feeling that management needs to stress test its investments or they are squandering the time and money put into the QB position, but I feel they’ve stress tested Geno enough to know the metal has some serious flaws in it. Now I will fully confess, another reason I have preferred Fitz over Geno is attitude. Fitz has bumble a good deal, but has had a humbler spirit than Geno. Geno will never be a great player, yet he seemed to have an arrogance that was off putting for me. I want us to have a guy who can perform and won’t over estimate his worth. I guess that’s a rare thing these days. There aren’t that many like Bart Starr, Johnny U, Staubach, or Peyton out there anymore. Three of the four are gone and the last is on his way out. These guys epitomize what a great player is at the position. They demonstrated great decision-making skills and were physically capable. I’m not a fan of the braggart ball handlers of today. A matter of fact, they annoy me. Even, though Joe Willy put us on the map in his day. He has proven to be a pretty silly guy to listen to in recent years. Wish the Jets would pick up a guy of the caliber of the four that I’ve mentioned, and then the team might begin to find our way out of this pit in so many ways. Okay, I’ll stop my morning rant.

  • RONBO19

    John, No argument with anything you said regarding Geno Smiths likability pr personality. But, (you just knew that was coming (LOL!) A lot of what your saying is based on personal feelings or dislike of the player. When you are trying to build a winner you can consider personality’s to a point but like him or not if that player can get you wins you need to put him on the field. Fitz is clearly the more popular player. But he is missing open receivers, throwing into coverage and making the same bad decisions Geno is so criticized for. Like you I am not personally a member of the Geno Smith fan club. But I am also not a fan of going into a game with a QB that I do not think gives me the best chance to win. Especially if there may be an option available with more ability? Ryan Fitzpatrick is doing the same thing now he has don his whole 11 year career.
    As the season has evolved he has become less effective and his play has obviously trended down. I’m hoping he will be on a short leash this week. He plays well, great! If he does not I would give someone else a shot.

  • John Hunter

    Excuse you, but you’re responding to the wrong guy, I haven’t a clue to what you’re talking about.

    You replied to expat, and got my name all in your head & mouth. I’ll take it as a compliment.

  • RONBO19

    57, That’s true. I was simply pointing out some of the concerns by some of the more knowledgeable pundits. Obviously his injury history also helps explain his shall we say lack of polish, but if he’s willing to put in the work he does have some talent. I think he needs to get stronger as I’ve seen him get ridden out of plays by body contact.

  • RONBO19

    John, Oooops, my bad! It’s usually you and I jawing about Geno and Fitz so I guess I’m getting old buddy!