New York Jets Loss Monday – The Vent, Week 8

Joe Caporoso vents on the New York Jets 34-20 loss to the Oakland Raiders

Our second consecutive LOSS MONDAY VENT…not fun times! Rant it out below or over on Twitter (even though you have been already).

1. My God, The Tackling – What if I told you these two plays below were touchdowns?

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.44.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.43.45 PM

How is that even humanely possible? This isn’t Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice playing fifth graders. This is Demario Davis “squaring up” the immortal Taiwan Jones, who is 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage. This is Davis (again, of course) and Shoulder Tackle Cromartie with Michael Crabtree sandwiched at the 13 yard line with Marcus Williams standing in front of them. These two plays are a perfect microcosm of how the Jets played defense on Sunday.

How many changes are realistic while the Jets wait for Calvin Pryor to get healthy? I think the Marcus Williams experiment at safety may be canned after one week, with Dion Bailey moving back into the strong safety role. Davis won’t go from playing 60+ snaps per game to zero but Erin Henderson merits a longer look, particularly in certainly situations at inside linebacker. The Jets have already turned Quinton Coples into a less than 20 snap per game player. Make it even less and find ways to give a few more opportunities to Trevor Reilly or Lorenzo Mauldin. The Jets can’t fix their linebacker problems in season but they can work to minimize the regular damage Davis does and the consistent slog of nothingness that Coples gives them.

2. I Love You Man, But… – Brandon Marshall has had an immensely positive impact on the Jets offense this season and they are in serious trouble if he cannot play on Sunday to support whatever they put out behind center (one thumb Fitz, one shoulder Geno, Petty or veteran castoff to be named later). However, he dropped a must catch touchdown versus New England and needs to catch these two passes below, both of which should have been TDs. Whoever the Jets quarterback is, they are going to throw it to him in coverage (even if it is a poor decision), when he gets two hands on it…it has be a catch.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.37.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.37.09 PM

3. Horrifying Stat – Over the last two games Chris Ivory has 32 carries for 58 yards. The Jets won’t win many more games with the complete absence of a running game. The return of Nick Mangold, Bilal Powell and eventual integration of Stevan Ridley should all help.

4. GENO – Played a roughly Fitz level game against Oakland, throwing for 265 yards, running for 34 yards, throwing two touchdowns and having one interception. He threw into coverage occasionally and also didn’t slide…just like his predecessor. He did make two foolish plays in the final few minutes by taking bad sacks on a 2nd and 3rd down, including inexplicably running out of bounds on one play, instead of throwing it away. There are no excuses for those two mistakes, period.

However, Geno’s overall rate of production isn’t that discouraging considering he received no first team practice reps, had a backup center and zero running game or defensive support. Could he be competent enough to beat Jacksonville next week at home with a week of practice? Yeah, I’d say he could. BUT…

5. Quarterback Emergency Room – This is what we got out of Todd Bowles press conference

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick tore a ligament in this thumb and will eventually need surgery. However, he could play through it without surgery pending pain management.
  • Geno Smith has a shoulder bruise and is also listed as day to day (same as Fitzpatrick).
  • The team is going to bring in another veteran (Matt Flynn?)
  • Bryce Petty will likely get a few first team practice reps this week, in case both Fitzpatrick and Geno cannot play.

It sounds like we won’t get more clarity until Wednesday’s practice when we see how the next 48 hours treat Fitzpatrick and Geno. All of this really might not be sorted out until Sunday morning with this many variables.

One man’s guess: The Jets start Geno this week in hopes of having Fitzpatrick as close to 100% as possible for the following week’s Thursday Night game versus Buffalo. Petty is the primary backup on Sunday, with Flynn or another veteran castoff as the emergency quarterback.

On to the JAGS…


Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • glegly

    The Kraken is clearly still hurt, playing at 60-70% capacity. His downhill running style would’ve at least bruised some Raider DLs as he ran into a clogged line at full speed – instead, he danced east/west looking for holes, which is not his way. Zac Stacy is a serious dropoff, Powell is out as is Ridley. We went from feeling good about the RB depth three months ago to wondering if Macc has Ray Rice’s phone number.

  • BIG ED

    Everyone suck except Nick Folk. Bortles goes off in Idzik Bowl for 300 yards and 3 TD’s.

  • John Hunter

    Cro is the weaklink of the secondary.

    Pryor just got a pay raise without playing.

    Bowles failed an end game test big time.

    Geno has ZERO awareness.

    It’s a crying shame Fitz doesn’t know the value of sliding.

    Every team stink up the joint at least once: Chalking this one up as our ONE.

  • Shea 318

    Can someone explain to me why no Jet cornerback engages a receiver off the line- even Revis who made his legend by hitting and controlling the receiver so they do not get a free release? Either there is a 10 yard cushion or the cornerback lines up 2 yards off the line as if he is going to actually touch the receiver and backs off. I don’t even enjoy watching Revis because I miss his trademark hands on the receiver and it was over. Example the Garcon touchdown-If you are playing man to man what is the advantage of a free release. It makes the secondary look lackadaisical. Joe- what going on with this?

  • John Hunter

    Macc should be talking to the 49ers about #7 coming to NY. As bad as he looks, I believe it’s more a byproduct of the system.

  • RONBO19

    “Some myths exposed” For several years we have all reveled in the myth that our Jets had some kind of great front 7. Frankly, I was never among the believers and this weeks game as well as several others has clearly shown that this is not a great front 7! What we have now is four very talented D-linemen with a couple of decent back ups. But its the second level of this defense that’s killing us because this group is completely with out speed. Demario Davis who ran a 4.65 40 at his pro day has some straight line speed but it does not translate to the field because he lacks the ability to change direction which makes him useless in coverage and not much if any better as a blitzer. Harris is a good run defender if the D-line keeps him clean but he struggles getting off blocks. Like Davis he is a statue in coverage where he offers nothing. Coples is a 4-3 DE masquerading as a OLB and has under achieved since his college days at N.Carolina. Pace is a 34 year old slow footed hold the fort guy that the team has been trying to replace for three years now. He stumbled into 10 sacks two seasons ago because Mo and the boys up front chased QB’s into his waiting arms. Along with the O-line the LB position is in dire need of a make over and until that happens I think we need to admit that the idea of a great front 7 is simply not accurate.

  • RONBO19

    Come on John???? Really???? Another running QB that cant read defenses, cant throw accurately or make good decisions? Don’t we already have two of those?

  • RONBO19

    Shea, Because we are not getting enough heat on the QB to force him into throwing the ball more quickly. Playing press coverage requires the corner to stay with his man longer and if QB’s don’t feel the heat the corner cant hold up long enough and it ends up badly for us. It seems to me like what pressure we do get is from the inside. There is no quick pressure off the edge which is clearly visible to the QB and forces them off their spots and into releasing the ball much quicker than they prefer which often leads to bad decisions.

  • John Hunter

    All he needs is solid coaching, our dynamic dual WRs, and a fresh start.

    Fitz is an old accident waiting to happen. Geno is a young accident waiting to happen.

    Kaep has been battle tested, and something tell me Chan can revive his career.

  • CP

    While the thought is extremely interesting, and you are right maybe right in that all Kaep needs is a new setting and coaching up, the reality is that Geno and Bryce have been practicing in this system for over 2 months now. Is it conceivable that Kaep can come in tomorrow, pick up the new system, develop comfort with his receivers, and be the starting QB for Sunday??
    Now if you took a flyer with him and said he’ll be in the discussion for battling out for starting QB next year, that may be something, but who knows what his contract specifics are and even if that is a viable option.

  • CP

    Hate to admit it, but you’re right. How the heck is it possible that it seems that there is less DL pressure now that Sheldon is back, than before????

  • jdon48

    he also passed up a few chance to take it outside, making me think the hammy is restricting his burst

  • RONBO19

    Now John, come on big boy, your grasping at straws. What makes you think the same coaches now coaching our two present wonder boys is going to be able to get Kap to do what he cant get them to do? Having read like a zillion of your usually excellent idea’s I think its time to admit this is not one of your better thoughts! LoL!

  • John Hunter

    IMHO, Kaep is more talented than Geno & has a higher ceiling. Personally also IMHO, Chan has done a fantastic job thus far working with these two accidents waiting to happen. Unfortunately Fitz is reckless, and though I have zero faith in Geno, the jury is still out on him.

    When Jim left SF, he took the confidence of Kaep with him, which I believe can be regained with a fresh start.

    BTW, hell yeah I’m grasping for straws…..and I only got a few more hours to grasp. What’s your bright idea? Play Petty? Play banged up $600 decision making Geno?

    If we’re trying to save what appears to be a strong possibility for a post season appearance, a knee jerk opportunity like this might keep us a float.

    If nothing else, it’s a cry for good conversation while the deadline looms.

  • Drew D

    The whole game Sunday was just putrid…don’t make any QB trades or trade any assets away for any. Keep as many draft picks as possible; we’re gonna need them.

    I saw a Rex-like team on Sunday and it was disappointing to see, but we have to wait for Bowles to really turn this franchise around and it does not happen overnight.


    Geno made a lot of good decisions on Sunday, he came in and completed almost 65 percent of passes, threw for 2 TDs. OH, yeah, he has not played in just about 10 months. He made some bone-headed plays…and that is unacceptable in his 3rd year. People on here sometimes ignore that Geno does go through his reads, it’s just not as fast as we want him to. He had 2 TDs in the RZ, that’s a big improvement from last year.

  • Drew D

    Cro has been a weak-link since training camp.

    Even the Packers stunk it up badly (real bad) on Sunday. If they can have a terrible off-day, why cant the Jets. Pryor absence is missed, no doubt. Bowles needs to learn from his mistakes, he gets a little too cute with his game management.

  • John Hunter

    Drew, I just DO NOT trust Geno. The blast on the sideline after he already passed the first down mark, knowing he was the only healthy QB for the game, knowing we can use the clock to stop, to not even brace himself for the hit as if he didn’t even see the defender, is like asking for his JAW to be broke yet again. It keeps him in the class that goes to the movies over a team meeting (ZERO AWARENESS). Then to not have a clue that the clock is running without an ounce of sense of urgency……is signs pick 6s is right around the corner. Sorry friend, I don’t trust him.

  • RONBO19

    John, truthfully, no, I don’t have any brilliant alternatives up my sleeve. I suppose for a very low draft pick it might be worth a shot but as tyhis team currently has more holes than a brick of Finlandia Swiss cheese I’m not looking to trade high picks for him. If they would take Q.Coples straight up I’d be good with that.

  • Drew D

    He was trying to make a play, but it was stupid nonetheless. Geno overestimated his speed and should have went out of bounds. He should have been running back to the line of the scrimmage regardless if the clock was running or not, the urgency has to be there. The whole team looked like they wanted to be home relaxing watching TV. I dont trust him yet, he has to earn that by: growing up, making better decisions on and off the field, and helping us make the playoffs.

  • John Hunter

    Excuse you, I never mentioned a high pick, that would be idiotic. He just got benched for Christ sake. 6th round pick that could conditionally be a 5th pending performance.

  • RONBO19

    Thanks, its not exactly a ground breaking revelation but as nobody else brought it up for discussion I figured it might be time.

  • John Hunter

    Do you have any clue how bad that sounds…..”Geno underestimated his own speed”? Lmao!

    This is the same Geno that took a Safety running out of bounds in the End Zone. There’s too much paper trail that demonstrates his lack of awareness…. it’s quite ALARMING actually.

    It’s borderline embarrassing.

    He’s supposed to be a starting NFL QB.

  • John C

    I did bring that up in another thread Ron. I’ve believed we are overrating our DL (and front 7) for years. It is natural, as fans, especially in the NY market, where everyone is a Hall Of Famer, or a Bust, with little middle ground.

  • John C

    Kaep was going bad before Jim H. left, that is probably one of the reasons he’s gone. Geno has some physical talent, but is self absorbed (pouts and sulks, and walks back to a huddle with the clock ticking, when he takes sacks instead of throwing a ball away. He makes too many stupid football decisions to ever be consistent enough to be a true leader

  • RONBO19

    John, yeah, the D-line deserves most of their accolades but the LB’s are simply not very athletic which makes them liabilities in coverage and against screens and draws.

  • John Hunter

    He had a bad year last season because he was the MAIN reason why the FO & Jim had their war of control…. the FO wanted Kaep playing inside the pocket more vs running which was a direct conflict to Jim’s game plan that made them relevant & successful. The FO was thinking long-term for the Money just ante up. As a result Kaep was exposed, Jim wasn’t happy, team chemistry broke down, next thing we knew it was EVIDENT Jim was done, but only in San Francisco, are you witnessing what he’s doing in Michigan? Jim made Kaep. By made I mean he knew how to maximize his skill set as a legit dual threat NFL QB. Kaep not only was deadly at running the spread offense but like Wilson he knows how to avoid taking big hits. RG3 doesn’t, Geno doesn’t, even Tebow knows how to avoid the big hit (he just can’t throw).