No Huddle – New York Jets Summer Break Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets heading into their summer break

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Wait, What?

Fox Sports reported last week that Brandon Marshall chose to be dealt to the New York Jets because of Geno Smith. Marshall said, “I was really shocked at the intelligence, how smart he was. I had known him as a player from afar. I didn’t know his football IQ was so high. He had crazy passion. When I talked to him, I fell in love with the conversation. I said, this is a real opportunity.” Huh?

Now I like Brandon Marshall and am thrilled he’s a Jet. But you can’t tell me that being sent to Gang Green wasn’t about landing in New York City first.

Geno Smith has been a bottom rung rated QB for two years hasn’t he? He’s been OKAY. Now he may have it internally but as a fan I haven’t picked up visually on any notable passion. Geno is no rah-rah type. I just see a player who has shown some signs, but is no week in week out playmaker or trustworthy late game winner yet.

File this under the Willie Colon’s “we believe in Geno” quote weeks back. Another veteran trying to instill a little preseason confidence in his young quarterback from the periphery. That’s all.

Revis Stuff

Darrelle Revis didn’t attend Robert Kraft’s private ring bash Sunday night. This is news? He’s a Jet now and weeks back alluded to the fact that Deflategate was part of the shady “stuff” the Pats have done for years. How could he have thrown back beers with Brady and Gronk after that?

I’m not shocked Revis said he had some prior commitment at all. I’m more surprised he didn’t take the high road about Deflategate by saying “hey, I was just there for a year and was focused on my job not anyone else.” #24’s dead pan honesty on the controversy will ramp up the rivalry on game day even more when these two meet. He will be Foxboro’s public enemy number one but if the Pats really did cheat beyond what others do with the footballs it will only be a case of “deflect gate.” Blame Revis, not those who actually broke the rules beyond bending them but you know what, who knows? Who cares? Let’s just play ball. I’m tired of reading and talking about it. Please, let’s all move on.

Make Noise Quietly Cro

Those loudmouth Rex Ryan Jets. It was fun in 2009. Now? Enough. Let’s simmer that era down a bit now please. Last week Antonio Cromartie said Richard Sherman is nowhere close to being the best corner in the NFL. Cro also took offense to Kellen Winslow Jr’s thoughts after the former Jet TE called him a “poser with bad feet.” Firing back with “You wish you were your father,”‘and  “Have you been to Target lately” on Twitter. You all know what the store chain reference mean, I’m sure. Cro is Cro and we all have the platforms to speak our minds instantaneously nowadays. Defending oneself as Cro did with Winslow is for many a gut instinct, I get it. However what I’d love to see from Batman and Robin this year is more of a quiet steely resolve. A chip on two veteran’s shoulders that speaks volumes without the noise.

Be the best duo. Dominate. Prove the haters and the doubters wrong. Let the play on the field do the taking this year. No fanning flames. Let’s even be the good guys this time around and leave those targets on other people’s backs for a change, shall we? It’s a new era.

Quick Hits

– Stevan Ridley missed OTA’s and might not be ready for the start of camp? Zac Stacy has a real opportunity to make this team. How far could Stacy have really fallen from Rams starter in 2014? He’s got to be able to handle being the third back in the rotation duties, right?

Jets roster bubble WR Quincy Enunwa posted a video clip of Fireman Ed starting the J-E-T-S chant last week at some bowling alley, was it? For the record I’d love to see Ed back, but keep the drum line too. I like it.

– LeBron ain’t no Jordan. That’s right. He didn’t get EVERY whistle in game 5. Haha. One of my lasting memories as a still salty 90s Knicks lover was how many fouls on the floor the Knicks would get against the Bulls during their epic playoff match-ups.

Yes, the Pat Riley Knicks were slower and would clutch and grab a lot but c’mon. James under the same whistle would’ve been to the line 4-5 more times last night, which was the only way the Cavs were escaping Oaktown. Poor James. He’s really going one on five with a side kick pitching in only every so often.