No Huddle – New York Jets Simms Eulogy Edition

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The Simms Debate

Matt Simms is one of two things. The former New York Jets backup to the backup was released last week. He was either: just another guy who deserved a chance to get a look but couldn’t thanks to the Jets being all in on Mark Sanchez’s and Geno Smith, or, he simply isn’t good enough.

Simms joins the likes of Greg McElroy, Tim Tebow, and yes, even Mike Vick (who did get some chances). These were guys that some diehards would have rather seen behind center more often and earlier in the season over the past four playoff-less years. That’s what losing does. It makes the backups more popular, even the third string guys.

Willie’s Words Warrant More Proof

“We believe in Geno and Geno believes in himself. He’s our guy.” – the words of Willie Colon last week.  I respect Colon in sticking up for the anointed starter but I’m not sure I believe any of this one hundred percent.

Does the team really believe in Geno at this point in his career? I’d like to thInk that Smith believes in himself, but I need more proof. In fact, I need proof of both. When a team believes in their QB they grind it out late in games and rise to support him: great catches, sound blocking, capitalizing on opportunities in the clutch. When the QB has unwavering belief in himself he can will some games over the finish line single handedly.

This whole idea of “belief” and trust is still a two way work in progress if you ask me. I appreciate Colon having his man’s back but talk is cheap. I need some more proof.

Rex’s Boat

Bills HC Rex Ryan admitted that he should’ve gone directly to Woody Johnson and been up front about issues head on. While knowing the result would not be good in 2014. He should have essentially “rocked the boat” that former GM John Idzik had begun to create independent of Ryan.

Rex added that in Buffalo it will be different in 2015. “There’s no hidden agendas. There’s no whatever. This is how we’re going to do things, and we’re going to get it done. We won’t compromise, and we will make sure people are on the same boat, paddling in the same direction.”

Ryan has to remember though that he was in no position to speak out by year six with the New York Jets. He was part of the bewildered herd at that point in his tenure. A passenger with no extra benefits. Just a guy who ought to be happy to have a ticket for the ride.

He played it safe by toning it down to keep his job with Idzik back in 2013 and soon became the ultimate company man, going vanilla with the press at times when he used to go bold and brash.

I don’t blame him. Head coaching jobs are not always easy to land when you have never won it all. Even if you’ve been to the playoffs a few times.

It will be interesting to see who Rex chooses to be from the start in Buffalo. When the Bills face adversity he will get his chance to show that he’s learned from his time in Florham Park. Adversity will arrive soon enough too. It does for every team.

 Quick Hits:

-What if the New York Jets actually did hold an open tryout for the starting job at QB? With no predetermined edge to anyone. Who would win?

-It hurt as a Ranger fan to watch the season slip away on Friday night. I feel bad for Hank Lundqvist. He’s like one of those Jet star defenders during the past six seasons. Imprisoned in the end by his team’s inability to score.

-Happy birthday Joe Namath. The man who continues to stand virtually alone as the franchises symbol of success. There have been many great Jets. Only one waved the number one finger as he exited through the tunnel after a Super Bowl though.