No Huddle – New York Jets Offensive Questions Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets offensive questions heading into 2015

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Rumors and Opinions Won’t Beat the Eye Test

Google “NY Jets” or “Geno Smith” today and you’ll get such a varied opinion of where the Jets are headed behind center it’s almost comical at this point. Twitter? Forget about it.

We can break down all the film we want. Crunch all the numbers we want. Listen to trusted experts and our favorite social media diehards all we want. None of it will matter the moment Smith and his cohorts drop back in the preseason.

The problems the Jets may still have should Smith’s work continue to be more of that “work in progress” thing…will be how ready Ryan Fitzpatrick will be health wise and whether Bryce Petty could really take over now with no pro experience if he had to.

It’s not just Geno here in the equation. All of the quarterbacks will go under the eye test this summer. We will know. Short term. Long term. It won’t be hard to see. I truly believe that.

This coaching staff won’t be playing favorites or leaning in any one direction like Rex Ryan and co did either. So for me, I just want to hope for the best with Geno and let it play out. On the field.

Marshall – Decker – Kerley – Smith

You know, the Jets have a tremendous chance to be a real receiving corps. Brandon Marshall as the big target who can go downfield and be featured in the red zone. Eric Decker now slides into his more natural WR2 role while remaining a red zone stalwart to lean on. Jeremy Kerley roams the slot to seek open space underneath the zone. Rookie speedster Devin Smith as the deep ball threat. This corps four has a combined skill set that brings variation as well as the essentials of hands, speed and a key player with size.

I know. I know. Their overall effectiveness as a group all depends upon the play of the quarterback. You had to go and ruin it, didn’t you?

Ivory’s Durability

Chris Ivory is a bruiser. When he’s running downhill it’s fun to watch. He’s unfortunately had very little opportunity to run with the lead late in games against tired opponents but this season may be a different story.

Former Jet star and current SNY analyst Joe Klecko said the Jets defense will be number one in the league. Not exactly breaking news but agreed. If the defensive line comes together the way many of us think it will, I’ll easily back Klecko’s view. The secondary will feast if the immense talent up front does their job.

This in turn will also mean ball control time for the Jets. Ivory will be the focal point. He’s big strong and quick for a power back. Can he take the pounding though? Ivory has been known to get nicked up in the past.

Bilal Powell is shrewd. Zac Stacy has something to prove. Stevan Ridley is just trying to get healthy. All could combine to provide what is needed when the Jets have the ball and the lead in the fourth quarter but a healthy Chris Ivory would make the knockout punch much easier to deliver. He’s going to get those late game touches this year. Hopefully he can be preserved enough so that he will be able to take the punishment through January.

Quick Hits

– I’ll say it again with the hopes that it will send positive energy. C’mon Quinton Coples. Step up and reach your potential. The potency of this defense would go through the roof if that happened.

– Between the Jets, Bills and Dolphins defensively, AFC East battles will be intense and physically brutal this year too. More AFC North-like. The division has improved enough now that the new question may become “can teams get up for out of division games in the same way?” The week leading up to and or following hard fought Sunday’s inside the AFC East.

– I found my Flags For Foundation t shirt this past week while looking for a loose shirt to street ball in. It was given out a few summers ago by Santonio Holmes at his flag football tourney for his charity. He was such a big play guy that one season for the Jets. Nice guy too when us Turn on the Jets guys all met him. Not that it matters but, do you think that if he didn’t have the Lisfranc issue, he could have turned his career around in New York? The QB situation was so murky at the time I don’t know that he could have.