No Huddle – New York Jets Hofstra Dreaming Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle about the New York Jets training camp days at Hofstra, Mo Wilkerson and the quarterback position

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Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but I feel like I keep seeing these articles and thoughts pop up about Mo Wilkerson and how he has now “passed the threshold.” Basically, his contract situation is now one where it might be best to trade him and get something in return before he is a free agent after 2015.

It is still early enough for the Jets to try and work something out. The question is are THEY beyond that point already. Now comfortable envisioning life with Leonard Williams, Sheldon Richardson and company, instead…without having seen a Mo-less line in action yet by the way. I don’t believe they are. How can they be? Mike Maccagnan seems to be too smart to cement that kind of decision in June.

Wilkerson wants what he feels he deserves and wants security too and who can blame him? What started out as a nuisance of a story though for Jet diehards has become an eventual outcome that can go either way, once the Jets grabbed Williams with their first pick it is anyone’s guess as to how this will end.

Hold The Phone on Calling Colin

Colin Kaepernick could be out of San Francisco by 2016 according to John Clayton. Is it possible Rich Cimini then wrote, of Kap going to the Jets for Mo Wilkerson by that time? Maybe Rich wrote this up just for fun. Hey, nothing would surprise me.

My type of QB though is the prototype Andrew Luck. Oh and Aaron Rodgers. Quarterbacks with great pocket presence, accuracy, field vision and more than enough mobility to escape pressure. I’m not a run option guy. If you gave me Kap NOW though I’d take him in a second.

It’s just too early to tell what this year will bring here or in the NFC West. Anything can happen over an entire season and heck maybe a current Jet QB will even prove to be viable long term or maybe I’m dreaming too. I’m aware of that. Let’s just keep our options open with this scenario I guess. It may be better than any other option by this time next year.

Cold Spring to Cortlandt, and Hofstra Memories

I just stayed in remote Hudson river town Cold Spring over the weekend. A great overnight two day getaway I might add, for those in need of peace and quiet and some water closer to the city than Montauk. The wife and I drove past Cortland on the way back downtown too, which made me think of the businesses that thrived thanks to Jets training camp being held up there. Sorry folks. Florham just seems more practical for the Jets to train at. Why leave the football made complex at all? Stay in one place. Focus. That’s why it was built in the first place.

Between the cruise upstate and camp opening soon I flash backed as I drove, to being a kid. I used to love going to see the Jets train at Hofstra. Players walking across the street from the cafeteria to get to the field. It was very personal. An intimate setting.

One unforgettable memory was decades back seeing this little guy wow the crowd with a deep grab downfield. How’d he catch that?

We all checked our roster sheet in the stands. Rookie. Hofstra University. “Chrebet” was his name. Wow. Wait how do you say his name? Great play. Who is this kid…wait, is this a typo? He played for Hofstra?

Maybe some diamond in the rough  will amaze the crowd this summer and create that same stir amongst the diehards and then be a reliable mainstay for the next ten years. That would be a nice gift.

Quick Hits

– Diddy got into it with UCLA strength coach Sal Alosi over chewing Diddy’s kid out on the field yesterday got arrested then hours later was released. Yes, that really happened.

All of the facts have yet to come out but coaches still yell and do so abusively at times, in all sports especially football. Is this incident going to once again raise the question publicly about what the limits on coaching decorum should be? Don’t be surprised if it does. The names are big enough to draw that kind of spotlight. Yes, even Alosi’s.

– I never mentioned Zach Sudfeld’s season ending ACL injury. Sending out get well wishes. I hate to see that kind of thing happen especially in June.

– Speaking of which, there is Dex McDougle. Who raised eyebrows in his brief camp time last year before going down last summer with a similar ACL injury…now he’s back and I’m very curious as to how good of a player this kid can be.