No Huddle – New York Jets 2015 Minicamp Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets 2015 minicamp

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Mo Knows Minicamp

Mandatory three day minicamp starts today. So, the showdown between Mo Wilkerson and the Jets either escalates as Wilkerson begins to get fined for being a no show, or ends temporarily and he returns for the time being.

The Jets don’t have any reason to extend Mo at this very time so the ball is in the player’s court now. I get it. Mo wants market value for his services and security. It is understandable.

Holding out for an extended period this summer though may leave him behind in his studies and relationship building with Todd Bowles and will allow the Jets a glimpse of life without him too. I’d rather Mo show his value ON the field. If Leonard Williams comes firing out of the gates as many believe he will, it may be a better bet for him.

Willie and the Porsche

What’s this about Willie Colon following up his rah rah talk by saying Geno Smith is getting keys to the Porsche and better not crash the car? Last week Colon said the team trusts Geno. Yeah, right.

In last week’s No Huddle I noted that Colon was saying the right thing in supporting Smith but the words weren’t all that genuine. My gut tells me that Colon and company are thinking more along the lines of the Porsche than the stuff Willie was throwing out there last week.

Geno was booed at Yankee Stadium last week. Okay, so he’s not a fan favorite in the local area at this point either. There is time for Smith to make his bed this year though…to drive the Porsche or crash it. The boos can turn to cheers instantly for him. Or get louder.

The rope will be much shorter than he’s had in the first two years too. It’s time for Geno, who hasn’t yet responded to the Colon comments, to start building real trust. Look good this week. It is the last gathering before real camp starts. Provide those teammates with some proof. You can’t win em all over in June but in the very least, leave them with a little less doubt.

They’re Back

Darelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie return to Gang Green today and I have to say it’s pretty damn comforting. At this point last year all anyone could talk about was “who is gonna play corner?” There was literally nobody to hang a hat on. A few top round picks with little to no experience and a modest vet in Dmitri Patterson.

Revis will bring his island back all by himself but the pair together bring back a sense of comfort that really leaves the spotlight on two places. The QB position of course and the aging offensive line. Last year there was that AND the secondary. And a ton of cash at John Idzik’s disposal. Yikes.

How much the upgrade at corner (Buster Skrine too) can help boost deficiencies elsewhere is a fascinating question. If Jet quarterback play is pedestrian and the O line is leaky, will Revis and Cro shutting down the outside still be able to provide enough to get the Jets back into meaningful December games?

Quick Hits

– Please, no stupid key injuries this week. Please.

– Marvin Jones will have his jersey retired by FSU. GREAT college player.

– Geno and Brandon Marshall have been rooming together. I’m curious to see how this impacts results on the field. The Jets could use a vintage All-Pro season out of their new star veteran wideout. Not a Plaxico Burress 2011 type of year. More. A lot more.

– Mike Macagnan says the Wilkerson contract “is a priority for us.” I believe him. I haven’t put much faith into the talk coming out of Florham the past few years. A lot of smokescreens and secrets. I’m beginning to trust more of what’s being said in Florham again.