No Huddle – New York Jets Minicamp Review Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets coming out of rookie minicamp

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Football tried to sneak back into the New York landscape this weekend with the Jets (and oh yeah that other team, the Giants) opening rookie minicamp. Despite the hot local sports scene right now between the Rangers, Yanks and Mets., for this diehard as with most preseason camps and workouts, it was nice to escape with no disasters like the one that happened to first round pick Dante Fowler down in Jacksonville. Yikes.

Here are the loudest bits of noise and thoughts on what I gathered from reports out of minicamp

Leonard Williams looked fast and quick

I don’t take this news lightly. This is good stuff. The Jets need the “best defensive player in the draft,” Williams to come in and start blasting people. No project stuff here. Kick some you know what and take names. Make yours presence felt. Now.

Bryce Petty threw well and had a nice rapport with QB Coach Kevin Patullo

Lovely. On top of that, Todd Bowles himself complimented Petty’s arm after seeing it in green and white. Then of course however, some in the media had to remind us yet again that Petty was not a QB who played from under center much at Baylor.

Art Briles, Petty’s HC at Baylor, was outspoken last week in response to whether Petty could make this systemic type of transition to the NFL saying “To me here’s his football IQ: 8600 yards, 61TD’s 9 interceptions and 2 Big 12 titles.” In other words he’s a football player, he will adapt.

The kid looked solid at Florham in his brief spring outing, all things considered. Let’s start from there. No pressure to develop instantly. Just keep growing naturally as a player, kid.

Devin Smith can run

Smith went deep and hauled one in showing a glimpse of why he’s been compared to DeSean Jackson by some. Smith even said that HIS one handed grab at Ohio State was better than Odell Beckham’s famous catch was. I’m sensing a little confidence and swagger from the second rounder. Are you? That’s a big difference from the last guy who wore 84 around here. You have to trust yourself in the NFL. In New York.

Quincy Enunwa was spotty, as those Idzik draft picks seek to hold on

Enunwa needs to jump over a lot of players now. Shaq Evans too. Jalen Saunders is already gone. John Idzik drafted in bulk last year at WR but don’t blink cause they may all be out of here unless they make plays in July that make Bowles take instant notice.

Idzik had a ton of picks last year we all know, and used a bunch of them on receivers in the middle rounds. With Devin Smith here now and Brandon Marshall brought in during free agency though, those Idzik receiver kids may find that special teams may be their only path to the 53 man roster.


Brandon Marshall and Geno Smith are rooming together near the Jets complex. As a way to get familiar with the Jets new Chan Gailey system and with each other as players. It is not a bad move on paper and kind of reminds me of the show “Friends” actually. I can picture Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox hanging out with Geno and Marshall talking Xs and Os at some New Jersey Starbucks while Lisa Kudrow strums her folk guitar.

The other scenario this pairing brings to mind too is Jets West. Mark Sanchez’s old pre-training camp workouts on the left coast, which was designed to create bonds and player chemistry as well.

Try anything and everything. Pull out all stops. Room in bunk beds. Sleep in hyperbaric chambers. Get sleeping bags and tents and go rough it outdoors to build character for all I care. In the end it will be about making plays. Nothing else.

Don’t Cheer About Brady

Sit down Jets fan. Stop cheering and smiling. Yes, Tom Brady is reportedly about to be suspended for some time because of Deflategate. Perhaps this week even. Remember the last time you cheered a Patriot QB exiting though? His name was Drew Bledsoe.

If Brady is put down by Roger Goodeel for a few games, it’s no different than him being out for a minor injury. Don’t think Bill Belichick won’t use this September sneak peek into the Pats future to his advantage, by learning about what his offense can and can’t do with Jimmy Garoppolo behind center.

Should the 38 year old Brady every truly get nicked up in the winter months, the early season look Bill gets at the kid will do wonders for his staff should they be left in a pinch during crunch time.

Also, let me add that I find the idea of Brady cheating as sad. He’s killed the Jets for so long that I’d hate to find out that Brady would have been some 15-28 for 200 yard passing type all this time had he night shall I say, “used the needle.”

To get beat for decades by arguably the all time greatest is something I can accept with teeth gritting admiration. To find out that it’s all been a sham would make it feel like it’s all been a waste. Like WE as a Jet fans have all been cheated out of our own opportunities to rise out of the AFC East when they rose.

I still hope the Brady chatter is not true even although it clearly doesn’t look good. At all.

I hate to think about how many former Jets gave up their health and bodies trying to overcome a dealer who may have been dealing cards out of a loaded deck.

Quick Hits

– If the Idzik receivers need to impress from the jump, what about former first round pick AJ Jenkins who was brought in for a tryout? He needs Odell Beckham type grabs every single drill. Or shall I say Devin Smith grabs.

Guys who fall so fast like Jenkins did in this league have to show insane desire too. With a giant chip on the shoulder that communicates the notion they were mishandled. It’s a long uphill climb for guys like him. I’m rooting for the guy though. Why not?

– I still believe that Quinton Coples will make an impact as a Jet. Just noting that now, in May.

– All of the draft picks are now under contract. Nice clean, no drama work these past two weeks by Mike Maccagnan.

– Today’s Jet morning headline is that the Jets took tax payer money to honor troops at home games and that it wasn’t out of the kindness out of their hearts. That’s wrong.

Don’t me started down the path of fake altruism in society though. Don’t get me started on the forced link we all have to accept between the military and sports at live events either. My gripes regarding both are too long to single anyone team or person out.

Happy Monday everyone.