No Huddle – New York Jets Head To OTAs Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets heading into OTAs

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Brady May Be Shady But The NFL Should Change The Ball

In the case of Deflategate it is safe to assume the Patriots and Tom Brady probably did SOMETHING that went too far. I don’t know if it warranted a four game suspension and a first round pick but whatever Brady’s punishment becomes after Roger Goodell hears the appeal, it won’t change the perception for many that between air out of the footballs and Spygate, the Pats are shady rule benders. The ball IS quite hard to throw though. Did you ever toss a real one yourself in game settings?

I played in a flag football tournament a few years ago at Met Life stadium in February. There were three games played at once going across the field. Thirty minutes timed, four downs to score or “punt” it back to the opponents, three uniformed refs on each field, and fully inflated NFL balls. It was competitive. You all know how pickup games can mean more to us than anything in life when we are playing them. We want to play well and win. Period. Win or die trying.

I’m not a guy with huge hands but I am a former minor league baseball player. I can throw a ball. THOSE regulation balls though? Man they were hard to consistently sling under pressure from blitzing guys with beer guts. Once in a while I would lose the grip, resulting in a duck somewhere over the middle. If I could’ve deflated the game balls to accommodate my own size and strength it would’ve turned me into a constant downfield threat. Instead, I was a spotty passer with instinct and field vision but no ability to guarantee a solid delivery to any receivers on my team anywhere on the field.

Deflategate makes me wonder how long this Tomfoolery (no pun intended) has gone on for Brady and how he would have played over the years without ever lessening the air in the ball. It’s also created doubt and uncertainty for me regarding what once was not debatable. Jet killer Tom Brady’s sheer greatness. Throwing the actual ball myself though made me understand why a player would seek a needle and a few assistants.

Do what you must with Brady Mr Commish but please take some air out of the rock yourself. Standardize the size and let’s work to avoid this scenario from reappearing elsewhere in the future.

Allen and Pryor

ESPN writer Rich Cimini posed the question days ago as to whether GM Mike Maccagnan is still looking for safety help. Macc might be but let’s remember that Antonio Allen took one for the team last season. In moving from safety to CB after the Dee Milliner and Dex McDougle both went down and Dimitri Patterson disappointed.

Allen can be a key piece to the Jets secondary and now that the corners are sured up, we may finally see Calvin Pryor lighting people up in the box where he belongs as well.

It was hard to watch Allen cover on the outside and Pryor deep in coverage period. Both did it for the team. Now Todd Bowles can put them back in positions of strength. It’s all about personnel and the scheme. Last year Rex Ryan didn’t have the luxury of personnel to use either one of these young guys properly.

Draper and the Jets

I’m sad to see Mad Men end. I truly wanted to continue to follow the characters into the 1970s, which by the way was a brutal playoff-less run for the Jets. You think the past few years have been tough?

Joe Namath couldn’t stay healthy. Week Ewbank retired. John Riggins bolted. Zany Lou Holtz quit with two games left in his first season in 1976, a 3-11 campaign (back when the season was fourteen games). Walt Michaels took over as HC and battled on the back end to clean up the mess. It took four years by itself yet by the time the early eighties and arrived and Reaganomics kicked in, the Jets were good again. But sheesh. That was a rough decade.

Maybe Don Draper moved back to New York after his Kerouacian “On The Road” soul searching journey out West in 1970 and caught OJ Simpson at Shea when he broke the rushing record in 1973, on the season’s final day or got a seat at the Yale Bowl in 1974 to witness Broadway Joe limp into the end zone late to tie it and later win it on a pass to Emerson Boozer. As the Jets took the NFL’s first ever OT game in regular season history against their crosstown rivals…or was telling a stranger sitting next to him in a bar in 1979 that those young kids up front named Klecko, Gastineau and Lyons would really turn into something formidable one day.

It was so much fun watching regular people live their lives in New York that
my own family members lived in a similar way. The hustle. The grind. My grandpa worked in the Garment District during those years. The photos of him at work and on the street in those days look like Mad Men still shots from the set. My aunts and uncles too. Decked out at dinner parties and lounges for cocktail hours. The show felt so real. Congrats to all who took part. It was a classic.

Quick Hits

TOJ’s very own Joe Caporoso is right. I saw his Monday Morning tweet. The Jets must add a veteran offensive lineman in camp. As the summer begins to take shape this unit will be under the microscope more. The Jets will need top notch protection and holes for the run game in order to raise the threat level of Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and yes, maybe a Matt Simms or Bryce Petty. Because you just, never know.

– I want to repeat that Deflategate should not be too much on the minds of diehards. This new direction being taken has to grow a viable long term foundation of its own as the Pats dynasty grows long in the tooth anyway. Short term benefits of league sanctions pulling the Pats back in September without Tom Brady are of no consequence in the bigger picture.

– Jace Amaro: What is his ceiling? I wonder if he can be a real weapon downfield the way some of the top tight ends are these days. Thoughts?