No Huddle – Muhammad Wilkerson Makes Move Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on Muhammad Wilkerson skipping workouts, Jace Amaro’s comments on Rex Ryan and the Jets smokescreen season…

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Mo Knows No

So, Mo Wilkerson didn’t show up to voluntary spring workouts this week. Don’t be surprised, Players are getting smart. No contract security means no push-ups and sit ups at the complex in April. Simple.

I totally understand. It’s a car wreck out there on the gridiron every Sunday. When you are no longer of value as a player in the NFL they throw you to the curb, so use that leverage if and when you have it.

This Wilkerson stuff doesn’t have to be messy like the Revis and the Jets showdown was for all the world to see on HBO Hard Knocks back in 2010. Different times, different player, different regime. The new Jets brass can take care of this without any drama. It’s possible for a Jets regime to accomplish this, isn’t it?

Amaro, Rex, and Staying Vanilla

After Todd Bowles spoke to the players for the first time yesterday, we got a sense from the players that here was a no nonsense coach. A new feel and flavor in Florham. Geno Smith said he was “very stern.” Sheldon Richardson called him “strong minded.” Which of course led to thoughts about Rex Ryan in comparison…to which Jace Amaro expounded.

The second year tight end noted that Bowles won’t allow what went on last season when things ran amok. “He’s (Bowles) not really playing around with everyone being late. We had an issue with that last year. Guys just weren’t accountable last year as much as they could be. I think that’s the biggest thing. [Bowles is] making sure everyone’s gonna be 100 percent in or he’s not going to be on the team.”

Now some diehards may take Amaro’s views as breaking the unwritten code. Taking a swipe even an unintentional one at some former teammate or in this case, a former coach. One loved by his players while he was here., a guy who had their backs through thick and thin, never calling them out publicly.

Rex won’t change. He will always be a players coach. I don’t know if cracking the whip would have even helped Ryan last year anyway. He was a dead man walking the minute Geno Smith was force fed to him in 2013 and John Idzik passed on spending all that money last spring.

Amaro’s insight isn’t exactly breaking news to anyone who bleeds green and white either. After all, Geno was at the movies on that fateful Saturday and still started in San Diego. There had to be more where that came from.

A veteran still might sit Amaro down though and talk to him about the limited value of honesty with the media in the headline starved 24/7 news climate and whether the potential fallout makes certain subjects worth handling in the most vanilla ways possible, even Ryan had to learn that lesson once. The hard way.

Bowles And the Smokescreen

Todd Bowles says the Jets will add another quarterback. “We want competition at every position. Ryan (Fitzpatrick) is going to compete, as well as Geno is going to compete, and we hope to add somebody else to compete with them, along with (Matt) Simms.” Again, and I hate to bring this up for the third straight week, but let’s not take anything we hear too seriously right before the draft.

The front office must be looking to ramp up desperation on the part of any team that covets him if and when he falls to the Jets. Why get loud about a player they want when others who need franchise QBs too like the Titans or Redskins can just grab him prior? There must be a method to this madness.

Quick Hits

– Geno Smith has been working with mechanics guru and former major league pitching coach Tom House (who has also worked with Tom Brady). Geno is taking his third year battle with Ryam Fitzpatrick seriously. Great.

What surprised me though was to hear that his receivers during the workouts were Shaq Evans and Quincy Enunwa. Wow, remember them? I wonder if these mid to late round Idzik picks may have had their chance already.

– When Wisconsin knocked off Kentucky I couldn’t help but hear Bart Scott when he spoke to Sal Pal. Anyone can be beat.

– RB Stevan Ridley visited last week then left. Fine by me. The Jets should be under no pressure to grab any free agent back right now when they can just inject some youth and fresh legs into this backfield through the draft instead.