No Huddle – Jets Marching Towards NFL Draft Edition…

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the biggest storylines surrounding the New York Jets as they approach the NFL Draft

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Rex, Amaro, and Old School Decorum

Bills HC Rex Ryan is still seething from Jace Amaro’s observation that last year’s Jets lacked accountability. Ryan said the second year tight end will be accountable himself when the Bills play the Jets in 2015 for those not so kind words, it sounds like a Buddy Ryan style bounty is being drawn up as we speak.

In all seriousness, I think what has Ryan fuming is the breaking of the age old unwritten rule about airing out dirty laundry publicly. Ryan added that if a veteran like Nick Mangold or David Harris had come out with Amaro’s comments it would have really stung more, but I bet it would have felt the same to a coach who backed his guys too long at times to a fault, but never buried one in the press.

I once had a coach in baseball in the minor leagues who advised the team to “stay classy when those microphones are around. You see the same people on the way up as you do on the way down,” Amaro’s offerings reminded me of that speech.

Revis, Belichick and Obama: Awkward

Speaking of Rex, didn’t he once mention that the Jets would soon visit the White House and Obama under his watch? Well at least one Jet will. As an Ex-Pat but hey, maybe Darrelle Revis can photo bomb the team photo with Barack and Michelle with a Jets cap on?

The returning Jets star is reportedly going to the White House to celebrate the Super Bowl trophy he won as a Patriot on Thursday with his ex-New England teammates. Business is business but it will be uncomfortable in some ways for Revis to see Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick won’t it? It hasn’t been long since Revis passed up their offer and chance at returning to the quintessential perennial championship caliber organization.

Jets and Patriots, joining hands together on an outing to the Oval Office. Awkward.

Oh and what happened to all of those tampering charges both sides were filing by the way?

Mac Makes Another Shrewd Deal, This Time for Ridley

Stevan Ridley if he’s healthy, could be a great steal for the Jets backfield. He only received an 80k bonus to sign from GM Mike Macagnan too. Macc has been shrewd in painting creatively and financially around the edges after grabbing pricier big name pieces in Revis, Antonio Cromartie and Brandon Marshall.

Veteran guys like Ridley and Ryan Fitzpatrick have arrived for little compensation with no long term attachments. They can fail and there would be no harm done to the new foundation being built here.

Ridley can play. He doesn’t need to do anything more than be part of a three headed monster either. Anything beyond that would be gravy. Nice move again, Macc.

Quick Hits

– Ten days until the draft. The truth is, read or write any mock draft you want. You still won’t know what the Jets will do, or are thinking. None of us will until Roger Goodell walks to the podium.

– As a Jet fan I’d have jumped at the chance these past fifteen years for the guys on offense that Chip Kelly has shipped out over the past two. DeSean, LeSean, Maclin, even Foles. Now Kelly grabs Tim Tebow to annoy Mark Sanchez again of course, but the real question I have with it is, “Are Tebow’s mechanics really safe and sound now after 18 months with guru Tom House?” House says yes. I want to see this, and most certainly will. Every spring time throw in fact. Tebowmania has just rolled down the Jersey Turnpike. Lights, cameras, action.

– Raiders Hall of Fame legend Howie Long said if he could vote anyone into Canton it would be Joe Klecko. All-Pro at three different positions as a player and drew who knows how many double teams that freed Mark Gastineau up on the outside. 73 deserves the induction. It’s time.