No Huddle – Considering Jets History Edition…

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the Jets social media, their greatest team since 1969 and the search for a quarterback

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Revis and Revis Islands Everywhere

Darelle Revis said his Instagram got hacked and that vulgar responses to Pats fans about heading back to the Jets did not come from him. Whatever. I don’t even care if it was him saying it either.

What is it with all this access we share and receive anyway? From player to fan. Fan to fan. Friend to friend. Stranger to stranger. It’s all too much and too close. I’m getting sick of it.

Players on vacation. Friends on vacation. Baby postings every day. Inspirational quotes. Social commentary about the world coming from our marginally educated ding dong friends. Where is the homework? Where’s the depth? Where is the understanding too, that we are all reactionary at times, and just because it is typed and not said it can come from emotion that shouldn’t define the author for eternity.

It’s almost as if we are all on our own Revis Island. Smothering each other with thoughts and inane daily tasks beautified by filtered images and retouching, while sometimes admittedly going too far, which ought to be expected.

I don’t feel comfortable preaching about how ridiculous and trivial and detached from real life itself social media has made us all. I’m part of it too. We all are. I’m not daydreaming of a world filled with payphones and pagers either. I just don’t want to live in a world where social media accounts are the story. Can we stop it please? It cheapens us all.

There used to be a time long ago, when a Darrelle Revis was only heard from during the season. Only seen by the public in his uniform. In newspapers. Or nightly local news sports reports.

I miss the mystique of those days and the anticipation that came with players returning from wherever it was they went when the season ended. Now nobody ever really goes away. None of us. Ever.

The ’98 Jets

Twitter talk in Jets Nation this weekend centered around who was the best of the Jets teams since 1969. I can reach back to the mid 1980’s with first hand views, since the 70s were a lost decade for Gang Green. So for me, it was the 1998 team. They were the best of the “almost made its.”

The mid 1980s Jets contained the latter years of a still effective Sack Exchange, a great secondary, a high powered passing game and two great backs in Freeman McNeil and Johnny Hector but like the 2008 Jets and Brett Favre who petered out down the stretch, Ken O Brien picked a terrible time to grow a case of dead arm after a 10-1 start in 1986.

The Herm Edwards Jets were arguably right there had it not been for a few Doug Brien misses in Pittsburgh just over ten years ago. Rex Ryan’s first two years were full of swagger, cockiness and a thick January skin that almost took them all the way.

’98 was different though. It wasn’t a ride based on “us against the world” the way Rex’s 2009 and 2010 teams were. The Parcells/Belichick staff had a proven track record.

Vinny Testaverde, the perfect seasoned veteran to lead, was having a career year. Finally putting together an explosive yet ball secure season that many envisioned from the ex-Miami Hurricane prototype. The offense could beat you in the Red Zone with Keyshawn Johnson, move the chains with Wayne Chrebet. They would knock you out with Curtis Martin, a one man Ground and Pound in his prime running behind a great offensive line and blocking tight end in Kyle Brady.

The defense was run by Bill Belichick. A unit that always pressured the QB when the need called for it and had big play guys in Otis Smith and hitters like Victor Green in the secondary. Bill Parcells, with two rings already under his belt was THE model of excellence at the time was the HC.

If there was any Jet team from top to bottom, coaching staff and scheme, to QB efficiency, to a combo of veteran IQ and prime young talent in the right places, that made diehards believe and I mean really believe this was it, it was the team that fell short in Denver.

If Vinny didn’t tear his Achilles in week one of ’99, those Jets would have had a real chance. No Gang Green team was better on paper across the board than them. The window closed too fast on that group. When Parcells quit, Bill bolted and Al Groh took over, that was it. Game over. That realistic shot at Lombardi trophy glory led by Bill and Bill was gone.

Now It’s Winston

For months we’ve been hearing about the Jets and Marcus Mariota. All of that “will they or won’t they” talk if he’s available at six. Or is it all a smokescreen? As GM Mike Maccagnan looks to up the price with any potential trade partner for the pick.

Now it is Jameis Winston’s turn. He is scheduled to visit the Jets this week and Maccagnan reportedly hasn’t ruled out the idea of trading up to grab him. Will either be able to step in and lead the Jets all the way over the next two seasons (possibly three but that could be pushing it), with the given the current tandem at CB and a young D line headed for its prime?

Now great organizations have plans and concepts that stretch beyond one or two year runs. Hopefully, this year is the start of such a long term foundation being put in place by the new Jet brass. I just wonder that if this team wants to be a contender NOW, and if possible, would it be better to somehow trade for a quality veteran to guide the ship. I’m not talking about Ryan Fitzpatrick either.

Those rookie growing pains behind center are hard to overcome in a division with the Patriots and a conference with enough playoff capable teams who don’t have that same stifling issue.

Quick Hits

– I hope that when the 2015 schedule is released, the Jets and Pats don’t find they play each other until at least October. Let the two build up their new team personalities and make a great rivalry more meaningful than an early September throw away when some guys don’t even seem to be in great game shape yet.

– This NYC weather, even though it’s improved a bit over the past week, is still football weather. It’s making the offseason feel even shorter and the Spring non existent again.

– RIP Dick Wood. One of the Jets starting QBs pre Joe Namath and post NY Titans. Wood led the Jets to their week one AFL win over Denver in 1964 to help christen the opening of then modern day wonder, Shea Stadium. The former Jet and Jets assistant coach passed away last week.