No Huddle – New York Jets Quarterback Search Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the Revis tampering charges, the Jets search for a quarterback and Wesley Walker…

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Let It Go New England

I can’t believe the New York Jets are still dealing with unfinished business regarding the Revis tampering investigation. Are you serious? We all know that Woody Johnson said that he’d love to have #24 back at the end of the 2014 season, which ruffled some Foxboro feathers but that’s like saying “I wish he played for us” when speaking highly of an opposing player. Big deal.

Oh and even if the Jets reached out to the Revis team before March 10th which is a no no, didn’t the Patriots have until 4pm two Tuesdays ago to lock him up in New England for life? They did. No matter what Woody and Mike Maccagnan were going to offer.

Nothing influenced Revis to be a Jet prior to free agency officially beginning like the Pats refusal to lock him up for big guaranteed money did. Spending big on older stars is not the Pats way when your name is not Brady. New England’s attempt here to try and wiggle a draft pick out of Gang Green for it is laughable.

By the way, while we are on the topic of rule breaking, what exactly was the extent of Spygate? Or Deflategate? How far back did those offenses go and how much of an effect did they truly have? Look I don’t really care, or seek to lessen the Pats dynasty over these instances. But when you are constantly looking for an edge outside the lines and are fresh off fighting off yet another charge of cheating, now is not the time to go and point fingers. It looks petty and personal and purposeful in terms of misdirecting anyone still on their tail about the deflated balls. If you are the Pats, you had the choice and let Revis go. So to be fair, now let the whole thing go.

Mariota Workout: Genuine Interest Or a Smokescreen?

Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan will check out Marcus Mariota together at a private workout on March 28th but is this trip about genuine interest or something else? Maybe the two new Jet head honchos are truly unsure about how they feel about the kid and need a little more info. If that’s the case then this trip can be a game changer in either direction. Fine.

If their minds are already made up on Mariota though, perhaps this trip is just a public smokescreen intended to lure potential trade partners into offering more for a player the Jets don’t really want. Either way it’s good that the league knows the Jets, who are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback, are getting private time with Mariota.

Let’s just not take what is said by Bowles or Macc after the fact too much to heart. There will be a bit of gamesmanship being played by them through the media about how Mariota looked like as a player and was as a person when they return to Florham Park, and rightfully so.

Rivers and Brees For a Win Now Team

John Idzik’s youth plan went up in flames. There was a plan there, right? Yes there are remnants of it with the young Jets defensive line and Dee Milliner. Even Jace Amaro and perhaps a Dex McDougle. With the signings of names like Revis, Cromartie, and Marshall though, the Jets are proving they want to be relevant now.

The truth is that may not be possible with the two headed FitzGeno monster at quarterback. Unless you’re envisioning a light turning on for Geno Smith in year three of his career or a veteran switch going off in the mind of Ryan Fitzpatrick that turns him into some late career Rich Gannon

For the past month we’ve heard little ripples about a Jet trade for Drew Brees. After all Jimmy Graham is gone in the Big Easy. If you’re Sean Payton why not cash in all your big chips, grab a Mariota and start over now? It’s a plausible theory in some respects.

Now we are starting to see theories about Phillip Rivers and the Jets too. That he’s 33, has a year left on his deal with the Bolts and won’t sign an extension either. For some reason this rumor excites me more than the Brees one.

Rivers is younger than Brees and is not better than Brees, but is a damn good quarterback who plays with fire. New York will love that. Plus with Rivers, the Jets can have more than a two year veteran run and even hold off on drafting a future franchise quarterback until 2017 if they have to. That’s a combination of a little longer shelf life (than Brees) to compete with the vets that were brought in, while providing more time to build for the future at quarterback. It’s certainly an improved chance to win now. I like it. It’s a stronger way of heading into 2015 than we are currently staring at.

O’Brien, To Walker!

Last week the Daily News did an article on Wesley Walker in light of the Chris Borland retirement from the 49ers and football at age 24. Done out of fear of future health problems caused by football after personally researching the issue. Walker said if he knew then what he knows now, he would’ve done the same thing. That he’s in so much pain all the time. I hate hearing things like that.

It makes me really sad to know that my heroes as a kid can’t function physically as older people due to football. What can be done about it though? It’s a contact sport, no matter how much the rules are altered to improve its safety and prevent against head injuries.

Walker was an underrated star. He had more yards and twenty more touchdowns than generational counterpart and Hall of Famer Lynn Swann did. Swann made his name with big catches in Super Bowls. #85 never had that type of a chance as a Jet. He was the epitome of greatness though. Reliable. A deep threat like few other, and the type of clutch receiver the Jets wish they had now.

I’ll never forget the 1986 51-45 game week 3 at the Meadowlands against the hated Dolphins. Walker had four touchdowns that day (lately most Jet receivers can’t accumulate four touchdowns in one season wearing green and white). One to end regulation that sent the game into overtime. The final one, a bomb from Ken O Brien to win it. Few called games with more excitement in the delivery than legendary NBC announcer Dick Enberg. It will be etched in my mind forever. “O Brien…. To Walker!”

Sadly I wonder if Walker’s description of a day in the life will now too.

Quick Hits

– I realize I’m late to the punch with this one but I finally caught the Brian Bosworth 30 for 30. If you haven’t yet, it’s worth watching.

– When you saw that Tim Tebow was working out for the Eagles last week, were you thinking what I was thinking? I wonder how Mark Sanchez is taking this.

– I don’t want the Jets to get the Thursday opener against the Patriots. I’d like to see those teams meet after they both settle in and gain some understanding of who they are. It’s too much fun of a match-up to waste on the first week after the preseason. When some guys aren’t even in top playing shape yet. I hope Rex Ryan and the Bills get the spot.