No Huddle – Jets New Quarterback, New Defense Edition?

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on Geno Smith, Marcus Mariota, the Jets taking an edge player at #6 and more…

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Rodney Speaks, But It Is All About What Macc and Todd Think

Rodney Harrison, our beloved ex-Patriots color commentator, said that the Jets will win five games this season if Geno Smith is the starting quarterback. The comment was an exaggeration. With all of the Jets additions, they have to be better than one game better from 2014. The topic is a sore spot however for Jets fans who all realize that even with a new head coach, a new secondary, and a new primary target in the passing game, the foundation being reset for 2015 could be a house of cards if Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick can’t elevate their play.

Smith has shown glimpses over two years but has been erratic and too often unable to be a difference maker. Fitzpatrick has been serviceable over the course of his ten years in the league but there must be plenty of reasons why he has been a journeyman.

The only thing that matters in this situation is what Mike Macacgnan and Todd Bowles think. Because if privately they agree with Harrison, then we may never have to see what this new roster led by Smith looks like for long, if at all.

Seal Team Six And Snyder the Sniper

So the Jets sent six key decision makers to Eugene to see Marcus Mariota in a private workout Last week, No Huddle raised the notion of whether this trip’s true intent was to to raise the price to other teams interested in dealing with the Jets for the 6 pick and Mariota. Manish Mehta of the Daily News brought this smokescreen notion up yesterday as well. With Jay Gruden talking about how the Redskins have a lot of options at #5, it makes me wonder if Dan Snyder is over RG III and about to get in the way of a new Jet QB or plans to use 6 as bait to acquire an immediate quality veteran starter.

Who can forget when Snyder raided the Jets during 2003 free agency, grabbing Laverneus Coles, kick return beast Chad Morton, Randy Thomas a key cog in the O line, and long range, clutch kicking John Hall. Griffin, with his injuries and apparent lack of chemistry with Gruden, could very well be done in the nation’s capital. If I was the Jet six who went out there to Oregon, I’d keep one eye on Mariota, and the other on Snyder. He could really get in the way again.

De-fense, De-fense, De-fense

If the Jets don’t go quarterback for whatever reason at 6, one line of thinking shared by many is that this new Todd Bowles defense could put the finishing touches on a killer unit by grabbing a pass rusher, such as outside linebackers Dante Fowler or Clemson’s Vic Beasley.

It’s amazing that even after going defense so many times in the early rounds during the Rex Ryan administration, this piece of the puzzle hasn’t been obtained by now (part of that maybe due to the fact that Quinton Coples hasn’t become that guy yet). Defense  in the first round? Again? Well, if that selection comes in and makes Bowles side of the ball go from top five to devastating, it may be the best offense.

The Jets O line needs some impact younger bodies, if not now then soon. Brandon Scherff out of Iowa would fit that need. Then there are receivers like Amari Cooper and West Virginia’s Kevin White who could produce from day one even though Brandon Marshall was just added to the equation. The NFL is a league built for throwers and catchers right now. The only way to slow it down is to collapse and crush the pocket. While being quick enough and athletic enough up front to chase down those run option types who can win games with their legs and throw on the run as well.

If the Jets can become a defense that with this new secondary, can destroy people on the line of scrimmage, holding teams to under 21 points consistently, then maybe Rodney Harrison is wrong. Maybe the Jets could win more than five games even with Geno behind center.

Quick Hits

– You know who may benefit from Marshall and Decker the most? Jeremy Kerley. I love the idea of him as a third option slot guy. He’s finally in the right position and should have some big upcoming days yardage wise.

– I forgot to touch on this last week. If Fireman Ed wants to come back and lead the chant at Jet Life he should be welcome with open arms. I’d keep the drum line too though. It’s grown on me.

– I LOVE the idea of Chris Mullin back coaching the Johnnies. That’s New York City basketball right there. I was at the sweater game as a kid vs Georgetown at MSG. It’s hard to explain for those who didn’t experience it, how important the Big East was in the NYC sports landscape. How popular the “Redmen” were.

– Those mid 1980s Jets had a chance to own the town themselves. 11-5 in 1985. 10-1 in 1986 and on their way to home field advantage throughout until they crashed to 10-6. I’ll never forget that nosedive of a December either, in a year when up until week 12, both sides of the ball were clearly capable of going deep into January. What a shame.