No Huddle – The NFL Season Is Finally Over Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the perplexing end to the Super Bowl, Mike Maccagnan and the upcoming Jets offseason

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UFO’s and Ricardo Lockette

There are some things in life that simply make no sense to me. Life on other planets, for example. How is it that it still can’t officially be proven? Despite UFO sightings and I-phone cameras…How about the fact that the Earth is actually spinning on its axis from anywhere between 700-1000 miles per hour? Does this planet seem like it’s spinning to you? Wars are STILL fought in the name of religion and are justified by holy books written back when dinosaurs were walking around. It’s amazing. Baffling life mysteries do come with explanations, and although I may not agree with the justifications, I accept the fact that there ARE at least debatable reasons why. I don’t believe however, that I will ever be able to reasonably sit down face to face with anyone for as long as I live (including some chance encounter with Pete Carroll at a Seattle Starbucks) and grasp why the Seahawks threw the ball in that situation.

You have the single greatest power back since Earl Campbell and arguably one of the greatest since Jim Brown. The one player in football who could drag two to three 300 pounders one yard if necessary. Running hard and angry all night. All year. All career. You had Bill Belichick burning his own dwindling clock out like a deranged madman. You had second down, and timeouts. One yard away. With a Lombardi Trophy at stake. And you threw an inside slant to RICARDO LOCKETTE?? I will never get it. No matter how the case may be presented in the coming days by Hawks OC Darrell Bevell. Never. Ever.


I loved the way the Super Bowl was played yesterday. It reminded me of the way football used to be played. Corners and receivers battling with contact. Players flying around defensively not worrying about soft late hit calls on the quarterback or dangerous hits on receivers.

It was a fantastic chess match that ended in eternally bizarre fashion. From the Pats late go ahead score, to the miraculous Jermaine Kearse catch to the inexplicable Russell Wilson interception. What a game and one the league sorely needed as a showcase for the sport after a year of criminal headlines and most recently, Deflategate.

I also loved the physical and mental toughness of Julian Edelman (I do believe he was concussed after that helmet to helmet hit he took in what was it, the fourth quarter? I hope I’m wrong). That guy plays with guts and a next level willingness. He helped rescue Steven Tyler’s beloved team as much as Tom Brady did. Respect.

Woody Was Willing To Spend? Lovely

Last week Woody Johnson told Mike Lupica on 1050 ESPN that he was willing to spend money last year. That it was never his intention not to do so for cap purposes. Oh Lord Idzik…All that available money.

At least Idzik’s replacement Mike Maccagnan knows talent (we hope) and says he will be active in free agency. Then again, I keep hearing that Bruno Mars Mick Ronson jam “Uptown Funk” and hey, doesn’t that lyric just fit the Jets so well. “Don’t believe me just watch.”

See that’s the scary part when it comes to this franchise sometimes. It’s not what they say, it’s what they end up doing, Or not doing. I can’t throw a lifelong Jet fear and paranoia onto Maccagnan. It’s not right. I can’t just show blind faith regarding any comments by a newcomer in Florham Park either. I am just going to watch, like Bruno says. Hey, what’s fair is fair.

Quick Hits

– Darrelle Revis wins a ring as a New England Patriot. A scenario that was once impossible to imagine. If the Pats don’t give 24 his money in 2015 (and I think they will, even though it’s not their typical style to do so) it was reported last week that the Jets and Bills will pursue him.

Rex Ryan loves him. Orchard Park is a realistic backup plan for the all world CB if Bill Belichick refuses to budge. The Jets? Nah. I don’t see it. Or even want it. In 2014 I did, but he’s a Patriot now. Let’s find a way to beat him, not reacquire him please.

– Geno Smith called this offseason vital. Fair enough, but do Maccagnan and Todd Bowles really think that Smith has it in him to be the guy? The personnel moves the Jets make or don’t make from now through May may answer that better than any quote either will provide on the subject.

– Charlie Sheen has that tiger blood. I couldn’t help but thinking about how Pete Carroll still has a touch of that Jet blood in him. A slant into traffic over the middle when you have Beast Mode? For all the marbles? Really? What a Jet play. Or from now on, what a Seahawk play. I really may never get over the stupidity of it.