No Huddle – New York Jets Speculation Season Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the Jets ongoing GM and HC search

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Marrone Saga

You didn’t really think the Jets would go quietly into the offseason following their Black Monday house cleaning, did you? The minute that Rex Ryan was gone, Doug Marrone opted out in Buffalo. All of a sudden the Casserly-Wolf search and rescue team were locked and loaded. Marrone was “the guy.” Then in one week’s time the saga went from hopeful to confusing. Like many Jet seasons do.

First, former Jets who were there back when Marrone was O line coach hailed him as a great option for Woody Johnson publicly. Shortly thereafter though, reports began to leak out of Buffalo that he was a control freak who didn’t work well with the media, had no focus offensively, and was furious about the club moving up to grab Sammy Watkins. Days later it got worse when we heard it didn’t go so well during the weekend interview in Florham. This while former assistant at Syracuse Bob Casullo became the loudest anti Marrone voice saying  “You’re reshuffling an egomaniac..a less-than-.500 coach” and labeling the former Orange HC as “self centered, selfish and greedy.”

So who are we, the bewildered herd left to believe? My advice is, trust nobody and no lead entirely. Besides it is the Jets, champions of the back page splash. The final verdict to all of this may very well come when we least expect it, in an unforeseen way too.

Until then, it’s onto Frank Reich, Todd Bowles and other prospective hires. This if Marrone is not still secretly the guy despite all of the current mud slinging anyway. Regardless, none of these names will arrive here with the track record, expectations or excitement surrounding them the way a Bill Parcells did. So let’s just wait and see and not overreact to any of it, shall we?

GM’s Just Say No Part II

What about those rumors and stories regarding how this guy and that guy have turned down interview requests for the Jets GM job? What is it, four have now said no? Didn’t that happen the last time around when the previous crop of possible candidates said no to the idea that the job was only available if they accepted that Rex had to stay? Here we go again, under different circumstances of course.

This is what happens to organizations who search time and again for a consistent on field identity and off the field business approach. Once that’s in place, these transitions are smoother. Until then, it’s just hope and pray that the start of something great and long lasting philosophy wise as an organization begins in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Mangini, Rex and Those Quarterbacks

Upon hearing that former Jet HC Eric Mangini interviewed for the Raider job I tweeted that Mangenius deserved this “second chance.” While completely overlooking his time in Cleveland! Where coaches and quarterbacks come and go faster than, John Idzik did here.

Mangini was never comfortable with his QB situations both in New York and Cleveland. Rex went to bat for Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith to the bitter end, but look at where that got him. No matter who the Jets finally settle on, it will still come down to you guessed it, the quarterback. The new GM and HC have to find a way to get it right. For their own sake.

It Will Be Interesting To See What The Next GM Thinks Of…

Geno Smith. Percy Harvin, Eric Decker, and if the Jets should still go for a top WR like Amari Cooper to start alongside him/them. The offensive line. Dee Milliner. Quinton Coples. Calvin Pryor. If Mo Wilkerson is the guy to pay for and build the defense around long term.

It Will Be Interesting To See What the Next HC…

Is like personality wise in relation to Rex Ryan. Sounds like in front of the New York media. Wants to employ system-wise offensively. Thinks of the QB situation. Expects, and or is expected to deliver in the first two years win-loss wise.

Quick Hits

– Sorry, I just don’t think of Geno Smith as the guy who lit it up in week 17 at Miami. Geno can certainly be allowed to compete, but has in no way shown enough to be automatically deemed the favorite heading into camp here next summer.

– I don’t care how this NFL playoff ends up. As long as I don’t see Jon Bon Jovi high fiving, hugging or singing a duet of “Living on a Prayer” with Robert Kraft in Kraft’s box at the end of Super Bowl Sunday.

– Can you guess where Rex and Lord Idzik will both end up? It’s like a parlay bet, you have to get them both right for the house to pay you out.