No Huddle – New York Jets Fear and Loathing Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets/Buffalo Bills coaching shuffle and the New England Patriots going back to the Super Bowl

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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

I’ve had an incurable case of Jet Lag since returning to NYC from a three week trip to Australia last week (yes, you can watch the NFL there). Saturday night I fell asleep to an old Brady Bunch rerun. It was an episode where Marcia (the long haired older sister of the three sisters, for those reading this born after 1990. The campy show was a prime time hit in the late 60s, early 70’s and was in heavy syndication in the 80s) accidentally caught the eye of the middle sister’s new boyfriend. Ending his middle school desire for her. Poor kid. Always upstaged. It was always about Marcia. Like Jan said in one of the show’s famous lines “Marcia Marcia Marcia.” That’s what I think of the Patriots today. “Brady Brady Brady.”

I want to be excited about all the Jets changes. I really do. Six Super Bowls though now? You can’t escape it. Brady. Belichick. Gronk. Yes, and dare I say it.. Revis. I’m almost embarrassed to talk about some guy named Todd Bowles.

The Seahawks offense looked like the 2014 Jets offense until the Packers took over and closed the NFC Chip with a classic inexplicable Same Old Jet loss. The Colts were overmatched in the night cap so here we are. Praying that Beast Mode and the Legion of Boom can prevent Robert Kraft from throwing a post dated celebratory wine and cheese party on John Kerry’s wind surfing board when the weather warms up.

I’ve had it, and Revis? Hey, now we know how Red Sox fans felt about Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens going to another kind of Evil Empire for their rings after years of blood and sweat in Boston.

Here come a few obligatory Monday Jet thoughts but in the words of former New Jersey Net Center Derrick Coleman today it’s just “whoop de damn do.”

Chan Gailey and the Buffalo Coaching Gag

“Chan Gailey? The ex-Bills coach? Wait, THAT guy? Are you serious?”

First reaction when I heard the Jets were in pursuit of him as OC. Not gonna lie. I admit it.

First Gailey was a lock now apparently he’s not. He,  that’s what our brass does to ex-head coaches in Buffalo though, right? “Here, the job is yours! Actually, hold on a minute.”

At least Gailey wasn’t purposely attacked in the press like Doug Marrone. You know what, let’s offer a job to Marv Levy too. Any job. OC. Line coach, special teams. Then take it away. Dick Juaron too. Definitely do it to Juaron. Levy? He’s a nice guy so maybe we reconsider him being punk’d like that.

I have no problems with Gailey I guess and yes we have all heard about CJ Spiller wanting to reunite with him in Florham if a deal goes down, but I’m not excited about it or him or them either. They’re Bills for Christ sake. C’mon people. They’re not the Bill Walsh 49ers tree to pluck from here. They haven’t been the playoffs since Al Gore was still in Washington. That’s the house we want to raid?

Josh McDaniels changes game plans week to week, quarter to quarter. That’s the kind of OC I want and the report on Gailey is that he’s flexible too.

Flexibility over force fitting pieces into a system. Give me that. Gailey.

Lane Staley (wait he’s dead right?). Beetle Bailey. Anyone who can mix it up and not get stumped as to how to move the ball after the game’s first drive. Just stop it now with the raiding of the Bills House. Please. Being a Jet fan is hard enough. I can’t take the bullying and teasing anymore.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Beards, Bushwick and Buffalo Part II

Sideline my “Bills House” fear for a moment. See now I like Ryan Fitzpatrick. You know, as a prototypical guy’s guy. A micro-brew drinking buddy type of guy. A flannel shirted type guy, smoking butts outside the coffee shop. A loitering downtown type of guy.

He’s tough on the field too. Plays the game unafraid. Willing to mix it up with the big boys. He’s limited as a player though.

So the idea that Gailey arrives and grabs free agent Fitz to battle for or just rip the gig away from Geno is probably a fair one to predict. Even a reasonable one to accept as long as we know what we are getting. A stop gap who over time seems to show the inability to make all the throws and right decisions consistently. But looks kind off cool doing it.

Rex Moves The 4-12 Gang Up North: Part III of the Buffalo Trilogy

Correct me if I’m wrong here. Didn’t Rex Ryan just go 4-12 with the same staff he’s taking with him to Buffalo? Minus Marty Mornhinweg of course but I know so many of us out there wonder why Ryan just did that. Familiarity? That’s my guess.

I can’t say for sure what QB coach was trying to accomplish with Geno here but Lee will now bring that same whatever to EJ Manuel. I won’t even mention how lackluster Mike Vick looked either.

I don’t want to knock Lee (even though I just did) Sanjay Lal, Dennis Thurman and whoever else joins the new Bills crew up there from down here. I just want to talk about Rex.

I like Rex Ryan. I really do. I don’t want him out of football in two years. The staff moves he is making say to me that Ryan is sure “it was the Jet players not my coaches” and hey he may be right. Look, I coach AAU hoops. You can scheme and surprisingly stay in games against great squads sometimes this way, but you can’t polish a turnip. You either have the horses or you don’t.

The problem I have with Rex doing this so fast with his offensive guys is that he’s lacked success at QB and WR for two years and took two days to add the same coaches. I might have ended up in the same place as Rex did but only after considering some other options too.

Because if he goes 4-12 a few more times, he’s gonna be doing Sunday Morning Countdown with Boomer and Keyshawn. Which would be an even more fun show to watch by the way. Rex in that setting with those guys. Goddamn Snacks for everyone.

Quick Hits

– When Darrelle Revis picked off Andrew Luck to seal it yesterday I wonder if Woody Johnson and John Idzik were watching somewhere thinking “Well it doesn’t matter, we didn’t need him anyway. We had Milliner and Dex McDougle. They got hurt. THAT is what messed the whole thing up.”

– More Patriots. Deflated Ball Gate? Today we hear that some balls lacked air yesterday. The haters probably think all the Pats throws on Offense were with a softer more catchable ball. I don’t why anyone would. That would be cheating.

– It is a day of trilogies. Patriots Part III

Tampering. The Pats filed tampering charges on Woody and the Jets last week for the owner saying he would love Revis back.

The filing won’t make the Jets and Eric Mangini’s Spy Gate charge ever go away but you know this was a slap back and pay back by the Pats.

Oh and Woody, if you wanted 24 back he should’ve been back already. It’s too late now there’s nothing here for him remember? Rex is in Buffalo. Oh no not more Buffalo talk again. I’m outta here. Go Seahawks.