No Huddle – New York Jets Keep Losing Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the 2-11 New York Jets

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A Matter Of Trust, Not Blame

Rex Ryan is out there front and center this morning telling us all not to blame anyone for this disaster of a year except him. Certainly don’t blame Woody Johnson he says. After all, Jets fans are in great hands with him. Nice try in taking the bullets for everyone upstairs Rex.

Now here’s the truth. As hard as the Jets play for a team that is now tied in the win column with the Oakland Raiders the reality is, it is not all about Rex. It is all about trust. Nothing else.

Ryan is who he is. A player’s coach who will even now at 2-11 rally his troops every week, but knows defense more than offense. An HC who hasn’t been able to find an offense or quarterback that he can rely on consistently.

Idzik built this team. Yes he was trying the difficult trick of trying to be graceful on the high wire by looking towards the years ahead as he sought to remain competitive in the present, but the choices made were his. Ones that resulted in foregoing veteran corners for younger, cheaper but less proven ones and talented rookie receivers in the first two rounds of the draft. As well as the lean towards Geno Smith at QB who needed to capitalize on his opportunity by taking command of this offense.

Woody hired the search team that found Idzik, and liked Ryan enough to demand he remain with a “win now” agenda as Idzik attempted to set the Jets up for the long term.

Hey, it doesn’t always work out and that doesn’t mean that these folks aren’t trying or or aren’t good people. It’s just who can a Jet fan trust now behind center and with making those “Jet decisions” for 2015? From the hiring to the firing, to assessing current and potential incoming personnel.

The Same Ailments Rear Their Ugly Head In Minnesota

Oh, those stalled red zone drives. What a shame that it came on a day where Geno Smith showed some decent pocket presence throughout. It’s been the story of this season though. Last season too. Field goals ruled the day.

The encore to the Vikes long first half bomb TD to Cordarelle Patterson was the game’s last play in OT that turned a third and five from the Vikings own 15 yard line into a walk off home run. Giant plays like that have been happening since Jordy Nelson started the trend in week two.

Failed attempts in the red zone and the ability to prevent these Sammy Watkins style monstrosities in the secondary. I wonder what 2-11 would have looked like had the Jets been able to get one more stop on the deep ball and finish one more drive every Sunday.

Geno and December

Aside from throwing a pick six right out of the gates, Geno Smith looked like a quarterback with pocket presence. He may have even thrown the game winning touchdown had WR TJ Graham been on the same page as Smith on the Jets final drive in the fourth quarter. When Smith led Graham to an open area in the end zone as Graham instead turned in a different direction.

Based on what happened last year when Smith’s decent late year play changed the narrative, is it worth pondering what a solid December will do for Smith this time around? Last year’s finish resulted in him being anointed the guy here in 2014.

Most of the determining of Smith’s remaining work depends upon who Woody Johnson will have calling the shots next season. Adam Schefter has been tweeting for the last twenty four hours that Jets management is “fully aware of the unhappiness about GM John Idzik both outside and inside the organization.” That can’t be good news for Idzik. I can’t imagine the next GM feeling stable about Smith no matter how he finishes. For Geno this latest chance to play again may very well be about putting some positive performances on tape for later use in the job search elsewhere.

Quick Hits

– Chris Owusu nice catch. We saw that. Sheldon Richardson nice effort and heart displayed all afternoon. By the way, where did the balance on offense come from?

– Nick Folk did a nice job in a tough windy stadium rebounding after last week. Kickers need a short memory and games like last week are ones that get inside the weak minded head. By the way, I notice that I have been talking about the kicker each week lately. Never a good sign.

– Percy Harvin and the quick strike yesterday. Amazing what that does for the rest of the WR corps. Eric Decker showed he can be a nice compliment at wideout when there is a bigger threat like Harvin to deal with.

– Phillip Adams had a good fourth quarter at CB for what it’s worth. Timely fumble recovery too.

-T he Jets got lucky in regulation. They left 0:23 on the clock and could have fallen victim to a few completions and a 50 plus yard Blair Walsh FG had it been from a few yards closer. The prior Jet drive that tied the game should not have allowed that much time to be left on the clock.