No Huddle – New York Jets December Win Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets 16-11 win over the Tennessee Titans

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No Music City Miracle For Jets Fans Rooting For The First Overall Pick

The Gods tried to give the diehards rooting for pole position in the Winston-Mariota sweepstakes one last chance. Rex Ryan raced to midfield to congratulate fellow HC Ken Whisenhunt on an equally pitiful year…but hold on. There was still one second left in the 2-11 Bowl. Titans backup Charlie Whitehurst then found a receiver, a catch and lateral later, the ball then found big Delanie Walker, who dashed to daylight. Was this another Frank Wycheck Music City Miracle? Plenty of Jets fans were praying it was. Walker took off for the Jets end zone. 20, 15, 10, 5…only to be pushed out of bounds.

Rex said afterwards “a real fan, a Jets fan, wants to win” but it didn’t look that way across the board on social media yesterday. Plenty of “real Jets fans” voiced their displeasure about getting off the downward spiral. Me? I’ll take the win. Accepting that sure paths often end up as dizzying travels through the labyrinth for this organization on draft day anyway. The Jets may have lost something by winning but only time will tell. It just doesn’t feel like a come from behind win usually feels like on Monday. There is a bigger picture in play here now. That’s what disastrous seasons do. They spoil the flavor of hard fought road wins in December.

The Ryan Era Flashes Before Us All In One Drive

The Jets trailed 8-3 in the third quarter when Geno Smith led Eric Decker into daylight across the field. The catch and run resulted in a big play touchdown down the sidelines…or so we thought. After the review it was found that a few blades of grass Decker stepped on were white. No touchdown. It symbolized more than just another failed Jets season under Ryan that began under the guise of false hope.

The big play was the kind that the Jets have been unable to turn to in time of need since Santonio Holmes FIRST became a Jet. Decker was snake-bitten by the booth review, like he’s been all year with the injuries. The connection was also a rare positive outcome for a combo the Jets envisioned could do damage now and in the future.

The frustration of this year and probably of the four consecutive playoff-less years flowed out for some long in the tooth Jets when Geno took a cheap shot after the play as the benches cleared. There was fearless Nick Mangold going helmet-less into the fray from the sidelines.

The Jets finished off the drive plays later on a reception by John Conner. You know, “The Terminator?” Remember his starting role in HBO’s Hard Knocks back in 2010? The glory days.

The drive was a microcosm of Ryan’s tenure in reverse. Conner and The AFC Championship Game years. The frustration brawl from being left on the outside looking in four years straight. The ongoing search for a young franchise quarterback and his go to receiver. Six years all wrapped up in one drive.

Geno and Marty

I caught a few minutes of the game on the radio and on more than one occasion Jets analyst Marty Lyons talked about Geno Smith and his struggle with “awareness.” How he was failing to read the play fast enough and in the case of the second quarter safety, understand where he was on the field.

The big question when it comes to Smith is how much of this ability to read the field is teachable or will improve over time. Young quarterbacks thrust into starting roles expected to perform seamlessly are the norm now, but not all can just snap a finger and have it come together instantly out of college. Is awareness an intangible that can grow over time, or is it a case of either “you have it or you don’t?”

An Idzik Tweet From The Lantern

One of our long time Jet Twitter favorites @greenlanternjet tweeted a post game thought about John Idzik and that his returning “destroys any morale the fan base might have left. Doesn’t sell PSLs, convinces no one life will get better.” At this point it may be tough to argue strongly against that. The Jet fan is angry. Some are even on the brink of revolt with the “Fire Idzik” banners and all.

To argue FOR Idzik, Woody Johnson must ask the GM for and find comfort in, proof. Cold hard examples that regardless of injuries, being forced fed Rex Ryan, and any other unforeseen variables, these past two years have somehow still moved the needle. No more free passes can be given in Florham Park. Stop, look, and listen. Then make a sound decision Woody.

Quick Hits

– Shonn Greene. Leon Washington. It was nice to hear those old familiar names yesterday on the Rex Ryan farewell tour. It was a shame that Washington got hurt in Oakland back in 2009 during Rex’s first year. He was a productive player and a prideful Jet who missed out on the fun of those AFC title runs.

– It took 56 minutes, but Chris Johnson finally stuck it to his former team. Breaking free for a 37 yard gallop leaving the Jets on the Titans 5 yard line with 4:50 left. The Jets took the lead for good a few plays later on a Chris Ivory TD. Johnson has been effective the past five games. Was he hurt early in the year? He didn’t seem to have that consistent burst or confidence in his vision during that brutal early seven game stretch to start 2014.

– Eric Decker’s late third quarter third down drop came with the old “lost it in the lights” gesture. I bet Decker can’t wait to press reset and get 2015 offseason workouts underway. He will be a better player next year. This year just has a stink to it. Sometimes that impacts even the trustworthy types.

– I saw a post game tweet that mentioned how D’Brickshaw Ferguson told Rex in the locker room after the win, “We appreciate everything you’ve done coach,” and handed him a game ball. Fired or not, the players still love Ryan. He’s kept them fighting even to this point. Many Jet fans still love him too. Even though many of those same supporters accept the fact that a change may be a good thing for everyone at this point in time